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Created December 29, 2019

Solo Carry Imperius

Imperius is great hero for stomping in low ranks and high ranks due to his outstanding burst, survivability and CC.
Burn The Impure
Consuming a Solarion's Fire mark deals bonus damage equal to 2.5% of the Hero's maximum Health.
Impaling light can be nice, if you are going Q build.
Press Forward
Damaging an enemy Hero sets the duration of an active Regeneration Globe on Imperius to 8 seconds (unless it is already higher). While Imperius is being healed by a Regeneration Globe, he gains 10 Armor.
Press forward is nice, when you have solo lane opponent with greater sustain than you for ex. Dehaka. With this talent you'll win every trade in lane.
Holy Fervor
Activate to cause the next 4 Basic Attacks within 10 seconds to cleave for 30% additional damage.
Best form of waveclear, tho Flash of Anger is brutal in Teamfights if you hit more than 1 target.
Angelic Armaments
Summon a ring of blazing swords that grants 1000 Shield for 3 seconds. If the Shield lasts the full duration, this ability can be reactivated within 5 seconds to launch 6 swords toward an area, each dealing 140 damage to the first enemy hit.
Safer option, more survavibility = more dmg. Wrath can be stronger in some scenarios, but it's high risk ult.
Heat of Battle
Increase Molten Armor's healing against Heroes by 2% for every 1% Health Imperius is missing.
Pathetic mortals again for Q build and against heavy melee comp otherwise Heat.
Celestial Swiftness
Gain 20% Movement Speed for 5 seconds after casting Celestial Charge. Gain 40% Attack Speed for 5 seconds for each Hero stunned with Celestial Charge.
Here is where the build kicks in. Normally Melting touch can be better, but with Swiftness you are incredibly sticky to target, and you are procing your Marks faster.
Heavenly Host
Nearby allied Heroes gain 600 Shield for 3 seconds. If the Shield lasts the full duration, fire a sword at the nearest enemy Hero, dealing 140 damage.
Really good upgrade, gives protection for your team + little bit damage on top of that.
Balance Patch - 11/12/19
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