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Last Edited October 15, 2020

Brightwing CC/burst healer hybrid build

Brightwing is a strange hero, she is; without regarding talents a sustain healer that is good against a single flanking dive hero and possesses the shortest cd global to halt gank attempts.

With talents however brightwing can shift to z build (global presence/tank sustain), W build ( single target blowup), trait build (soft cleanse bot) or Q build (long range poke + better peel).

However through testing i believe this build is the most optimal, it is a hybrid build that gives her good CC, buffs her sustain if your Q aim is good, and later talents help vs burst.


- main form of CC cannot be juked, if zeratul is in W range, his ass is getting poly'd

-Global presence, and the best healer to assist the offlaner

-every talent after level 10 is a power spike

-counters alot of dive heroes, and poly doesn't offer counterplay

-very hard to kill after level 10


-Horrible early game hero, she is a poly bot until 10

-must put herself in danger to save allies

-worst waveclear of the globals

-must have both good reaction and foresight to make good plays

-struggles against multiple enemy's diving one hero


10/15/2020: -Hyper shift replaces Greater polymorph as prefered level 1 choice

-notes for level 1 talents changed

-added an extra pro and con

-wondered if i should make a case for emerald wind, scoffed, then didn't

Hyper Shift
Increase Phase Shift's healing by an additional 10% of the target's maximum Health. Nearby enemy Minion deaths reduce Phase Shift's cooldown by 2 seconds.
Hyper shift: the increased hp is nice but the cdr you get is the main thing, if your offlaner is losing a trade or is in danger, Z to them and while you patch them up, help them clear the wave for cdr then leave. You should hit about 25 sec cdr and you can rotate to mid to get your Z back. If you are fighting an objective and there is a wave nearby, consider dipping to hit minions to get your Z back, provided doing so won't get someone killed.

Greater Polymorph: I really like this talent, the range is nice against any dive hero, for assassins like Zeratul or tracer, or stuffing combo oriented heroes mid combo like kerrigan, diablo or imperius. While it is rewarding to get good at, the cdr on 1 is to impactful, and makes Brightwing the most consistently active global hero on the roster, and is to good to pass up.

Pixie Charm: though Brightwing is a global she is at first at healer and therefore would prefer to assist teammates rather then sit in lanes all game just to steal a few giants here in there to mildly upset her enemys, though she should look to grab extra soak when needed, she does not have the building threat of a falstad, samuro or dehaka and if an ally is in danger brightwing is expected to drop anything shes doing and tp to her ally to save them over getting "muh bribe stacks"
Dream Shot
Increases the range of Arcane Flare by 50%. Hitting a Hero with Arcane Flare's center reduces its cooldown to 2 seconds.
Dream shot: the range increase lets you match the range increase you got from W lvl 1, and safety is important for brightwing, you already put yourself at risk with Z and blink heals you don't need to tempt death because "i wanted to throw a Q at the alarak to mildly piss him off tee hee whoops i died 0 peels", oh also thanks to the range, when you throw out Q's and hit center hits while being next to your ranged heroes so they get the heal.

Unstable anomaly: both components of this really don't matter, the slow would be nice for dream shot hits but the talents share a spot so that synergy is not possible.

Magic spit: while i prefer q build, this talent is required for trait build, good vs deckard mostly.
Phase Shifting to an ally grants both Brightwing and her target a 335 point Shield and reveals a large area around them for 5 seconds.
sticky flare: the slow from center hit is actually nasty mostly cause of the duration, 3 seconds is a long time in a moba, however in my opinion after you get dream shoot and blink heal brightwing has good sustain, and should pivot into burst protection. "but but muh slow so i can hit muh Q's" git gud.
peekaboo: not only does your z target get a thicc shield you also get thicc shield and brightwing is not thicc so she needs the shield to get away or survive incoming fire after the tp.

Critical mist: only good vs aoe stuff like twlight dream and deckards entire kit, if your worried about 1 person peekaboo is better.
Blink Heal
Teleport to a nearby ally. When teleporting to a Hero, heal them for 200. Stores up to 2 charges.
Blink heal: brightwing is not a viable healer numbers wise until she gets this, no the 8% or whatever the hell it is from emerald wind doesn't fix that either if you want to properly heal up from poke in a reasonable amount of time you need blink heal.

Emerald wind: good vs hard engage, good on points but if you are solo healer and you pick this you just commited a war crime.
Safety Dust
Increase Pixie Dust's duration by 1 second. Brightwing heals allies with an active Pixie Dust for 75% more.
pixie dust: this talent could be good but the decaying part kills the talent, why couldn't it just be like 35%? the decay happens way to fast to, trap talent.

Safety dust: ok i looked over this talent before but this talent is actually nuts, 75% healing with blink heal makes brightwing a burst healer. Now that's not a straight upgrade from lets say, whitemane, whitemane doesn't throw herself into the middle of the fight to heal said person but 2 75% blink heals on a target is basically ancestral, and then we get to safety dust + Z, if you E then Z someone you will fully heal them, a full souls diablo going from 20% to like 80% can cost the enemy a teamfight, considering how much shit was probably thrown at diablo to get him to that point and you press 2 buttons and hes full afterwards. if you picked emerald wind though you can't go this.

Pixie power: if you don't go my build this is still good, 55 spell armor is nutty into the right heroes.
Enemy Heroes hit by the center of Arcane Flare are Silenced for 1 second and deal 25% less damage for 3 seconds.
Hush: if you have good aim your going to make enemy's mald, with cdr on 1 and 4 you just spit out q heals, spit out polys and now your spitting out silences, if your aim is good enough Hots no longer becomes an interactive game it instead becomes a cinematic movie for you victim cause they aren't allowed to play the video game.

Critterize: if poly is being used at beginning of fights to ensure your tank sets them to be blown up without being tossed/knocked back this is ok, but the short duration of poly doesn't make it to great.

Phase out: its ok with emerald wind but with blink heal brightwings suitability is tied how fast af she is.
Invisible Friends
Blink Heal grants Stealth to Brightwing. If Blink Heal is cast on a Hero, they are also granted Stealth. While Stealthed by Invisible Friends, Heroes heal for 20 Health per second and are Unrevealable for the first 0.5 seconds. Remaining stationary for at least 1.5 seconds while Stealthed grants invisible.
Invisible Friends: i play at master/GM level so my teammates make use of this talent and lemme tell you its broken as shit, after lvl 20 one fight can win the game and theres nothing 5 people stealthed in the middle of the lane (you expect people to hide in bushes not dead center in lane) just unga charge you outta fucking nowhere, blow you up and you just lost, loses value in lower ranks though.

Intense winds: its good against bloodlust upgrade, because due to the increased uptime you actually do need at least 2 winds to completely disengage, but outside of that its redundant, one is enough.

Speedy dragon: i mean i can't say perm 20% move speed is bad, ever, so its good i guess, i think invis wins games though.

Faerie protector: its good with spell armor but my god how boring you gotta be to pick this talent, you prob pick spell power over perm archon on tass if you pick this.
Balance Patch - 11/12/19
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