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Created April 12, 2019

SiegeDMGMerc Gnome


1: Q: Double echo is insane dmg (especially on mercs / the immortal on BoE). Good vs Dive heroes.

W: Also decent, Especially in Chokes, like the Shrine on Infernal Shrines. Good vs poke/super long range heroes.

4: Triple E: suuuuper broken in terms of VISION control and tanking towers/forts. Better than Anub beetles, these tanky bois take like 4 (5?) shots each? Insane. Since you have to activate them, you can use them as wards strictly for vision, or for a priority target to walk on. So broken I haven't really taken the others.

7: Executioner on a mage?! Y'all see what happened with Raynors ace in the hole?! B R O K E N. W CDR is a bait, don't take the bait. A proper greeting is the pick.

10: Slowing sands: procs A proper greeting, so that's nice. Good zone control.

Loop: The range reduc sucks, the 500% faster cooldowns is nice. Generally using it on a tank for the CDR to cast more spells, rather than the old loop --> 1 shot chromie. IF using to blow up a target, Cast W ~3/4ths of the loop time the way you think they're going to walk after the loop & Q right after.

13: Do you like infinite mana? Gnome speed ahead!

I even take this talent when time out is a really good pick, because I like having mana.

Time out still really good for dodging skill shots and buying time.

Here and There kinda meh now that it has a range. Possibly usable for like stitches hooks/garrosh tosses, but eh. Better off with the other 2.

16: Shifting sands: 40% Spell power. Noice.

Fast forward: Eh. Could be better w/ triple q's & pierce, but eh.

Quantum over drive: Decent for loops or using burst specifically as follow up to CC. Personally prefer shifting sands to it overall.


Blessing on the bronze: 23% CDR for all basic abilities?! BUSTED. Can perma tank a fort w/ Andorhal & Blessings.

Pierce: Could be decent. Wave clear + siegeing while hitting heroes.

Ult upgrades: Feel like they're out shined by pierce and blessing.

Once Again the First Time
Quest: Hit 40 Heroes with Sand Blast. Reward: Increase the maximum number of active Echoes to 2.
Andorhal Anomaly
Increase the charges and maximum active Time Traps to 3, and reduce its cooldown by 8 seconds.
A Proper Greeting
Damaging a Stunned, Rooted, or Slowed enemy Hero grants 25% additional damage for 5 seconds.
Slowing Sands
Summon a sand vortex that Slows enemies by 5% every 0.25 seconds, up to 70%.
Gnome Speed Ahead!
After casting Sand Blast, Chromie gains 20% Movement Speed and 200% increased Health regeneration.
Shifting Sands
Hitting an enemy Hero with Sand Blast grants 5% Spell Power for 8 seconds, up to a maximum of 50%. The duration is refreshed whenever an enemy is damaged by Sand Blast.
Blessing of the Bronze
While Chromie is alive, her and all allied Heroes gain 20% Movement Speed and their Basic Abilities recharge 35% faster. Hitting enemy Heroes with Sand Blast from Chromie or her Echoes reduces the cooldown of Blessing of the Bronze by 8 seconds.
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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