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Created September 1, 2018

Lili Damage Build (Just for fun)

I wouldn't typically use this build if I was the solo healer, but for quick match or duo healer? Heck yeah let's go! This build focuses on auto attack and taking water dragon to stun and deal damage, it's a fun build which I would definitely recommend trying. 
Wind Serpent
Casting Cloud Serpent also launches a Blinding Wind at the nearest enemy target.
Serpent Sidekick
Each time a Cloud Serpent attacks a Hero, its duration is increased by 0.6 seconds.
Lightning Serpent
Cloud Serpent attacks bounce to 2 nearby Heroes for 50% damage.
Water Dragon
Summon a Water Dragon that after a delay hits the nearest enemy Hero and all enemies near them, dealing 318 (+4% per level) damage and slowing their Movement Speed by 70% for 4 seconds.
Gale Force
Increases the duration of Blinding Wind from 2 to 2.75 seconds. Lili’s Basic Attacks against Blinded Heroes deal 75% more damage.
Blessings of Yu'lon
Cloud Serpent attacks heal its bearer for an additional 1% of their maximum life each time it attacks.
Double Dragon
After hitting a target with Water Dragon, another dragon is summoned at the point of impact.
Ballance Patch - 8/22/18
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Lovin' this build! thanksn a ton!
Tried this in QM. I ended up top dps over and we had a hanzo in our team. I am so happy.