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Last Edited December 23, 2019

Tyrande Rework

Elune's Chosen
Activate to make Tyrande's Basic Attacks heal the target ally for 175% of the damage dealt. Lasts for 8 seconds.
Lunar Blaze
Increase the range of Lunar Flare by 30%. Quest: Heroes hit by Lunar Flare increase its damage by 5%, up to a maximum of 100%.
Kaldorei Resistance
Light of Elune grants the target 10 Spell Armor for 2 seconds. This effect stacks up to 2 times.
Grant all allied Heroes Stealth for 10 seconds and heal them for 380 Health over 10 seconds. Remaining stationary for at least 1.5 seconds while Stealthed grants Invisible.
Harsh Moonlight
Sentinel Slows enemies hit by 35% and reduces their damage dealt by 35% for 4 seconds.
Reduce Sentinel's cooldown by 3 seconds. Heroes hit takes an additional 7% of their maximum Health as damage.
or Celestial Attunement
Shooting Star
Increase Basic Attack range by 1. Every 8th Basic Attack casts a free Lunar Flare at a random enemy near Tyrande's position. This prefers Heroic targets.
Balance Patch - 4/20/17
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Pretty cool Idea but I would consider taking Mark of Mending instead of Elune's Chosen at 16 to have permanent Lifesteal which feels pretty good to me, would be nice to explain the reasons for Elune's :)
I tested Elune's chosen a few games and it felt really strong if I just put it on whoever gets focussed while autoattacking whatever. I had a few situations where it was completely useless tho so I will keep testing other talents