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Created January 19, 2019

*BAttack + mobility build : Icyveins+Carrygan

This is my compilation of notepad notes on Kerrigan from my visit to Icyveins, reddit, heroes hearth, heroes fire, all thrown together.

kerrigan recommended builds from two sites with strong builds, icyveins,heroeshearth.com/builds/chaosos/aa-kerrigan/recommended/


*BAttack + mobility Build: Icyveins+Carrygan tips

Level 1 Fury of the Swarm  From everything I've tried, this I have to agree with everyone I've seen so far and say this is the only pick.

Level 4 Kinetic Fulmination   is the go to for meta and what I started with but lately, I've been doing ravage picks for 1-4

Level 7 Bladed Momentum---Carrygan does Boundless Fury here bc mobility and burstI've tried this actually and it seems to make a positive difference.

From IcyVeins: "As the name implies, the Basic Attack Build favors Talent options that give Kerrigan the most utility possible relying heavily on Basic Attacks. The splash damage component of Fury of the Swarm Icon Fury of the Swarm will allow for viable waveclear when Kerrigan finds herself alone, especially during the early game. Fury of the Swarm also works very well with Volatile Power in providing Kerrigan with much needed shields via Assimilation. Lastly, the combination of Kinetic Fulmination and Painful Spikes Icon Painful Spikes brings phenominal burst damage potential after having successfully landed Kerrigan's W/E combo."

" Carrygan 11-18: I started off going fury of the swarm with bladed momentum but I swapped to fury of the swarm with boundless fury because it adds more mobility and more burst. I think making bladed momentum only work on heroes is a pretty rough change even tho it works with fury of the swarm. I don’t think q build works that well simply because of the strength in kinetic fulmination. But boundless fury allows you to insta kill any squishy at 16 in less than a second with w e r q q q. Since the extra proc the bonus dmg from painful blades. Also the 16 q talent is pickable on infernal shrines."


This other build, the Primal Grasp build, I have not really done much or possibly at all. What about you guys?

I think I've mostly mixed the AA build up with some of these options to feel them out, in my attempt to get the most out of her awesome pounce, I want to be able to pounce around the map and be able to escape by pouncing on heroes and minions back to our side of map when need be but so far I think all you can do with her is sometimes be lucky enough to have a minion in range to hop onto to flee.
Fury of the Swarm
Gain 10% more Assimilation Shields from Basic Attacks. After casting Ravage, Kerrigan's next 1 Basic Attack within 3 seconds splash for 100% damage around the target.
Sharpened Blades
Quest: Minions and Heroes that die within 1.5 seconds of being hit by Ravage increase its damage up to a maximum of 50. Minions grant 1 increased damage and Heroes grant 5 increased damage. Reward: After reaching a 50 damage, Ravage gains 75 additional damage.
This is one of those levels where it seems like you could change how she works by picking other choices, for the better, in certain situations, but I can't tell what. I've played around with the other two but it seemed like its best to stick with this choice. I like that the first choice Sharpened blades, would add 75 dmg on top of the base dmg, after you hit heroes 10x? I think that's what the description is saying.  
Boundless Fury
Hitting an enemy Hero with Ravage grants a charge of Ravage. Can only occur once every 10 seconds per Hero.
Summon Ultralisk
After 0.5 seconds, summon an Ultralisk that rushes forward upon spawning, dealing 250 damage to the first enemy Hero hit and Stunning them for 0.5 seconds. The Ultralisk's Basic Attacks deal 50% of their damage in an area around their target. Reactivate to retarget the Ultralisk.
I was using Maelstrom but enjoying ultralisknow. (see heroes moments on ytube.tv or youtube ;))ultralisk at enemy core all game and it respawns upon death and keeps killing core? idk what that was...
Psionic Barrier
Each enemy Hero hit by Primal Grasp grants 20 Spell Armor for 4 seconds. Hitting an enemy Hero with Primal Grasp also grants Kerrigan 4% Movement Speed for 4 seconds, stacking up to 20%.
Mounting Potency
Ravage grants 5% Spell Power for 5 seconds, up to 40%.
(I am messing around w/doing Mounting potency due to spell power typically trnaslating to higher dmg output, and it went well, but that doesn't mean Painful Spikes shouldn't always be picked here, so I'd like more feedback on that.)
The Ultralisk morphs into an egg when it dies. If the egg isn't killed within 4 seconds, a new Ultralisk is born.
Assimilation blades is probably for the best again, but perma ultralisk for stuns and distract like the clips on hots moments is pretty cool.
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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