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Last Edited February 13, 2020

Burn Baby Burn!

Draconic Might
Deathwing's Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes heal him for 25% of the damage dealt. Upon losing an Armor Plate, Deathwing becomes Protected for 0.75 seconds.
When Molten Flame is cast at 75% Energy or higher, its damage is increased by 75% against Heroes.
After using Dragonflight, Deathwing can drop meteors anywhere within vision dealing 58 damage to enemies in the area. Has 3 charges. If a Hero is hit, Deathwing heals for 3% of his maximum Health and reduces his landing cooldowns by 1 seconds.
Burn Beneath My Shadow
When an enemy Fort or Keep is destroyed, the cooldown of Cataclysm is reset. Cataclysm's periodic damage is increased by 80%.
Wicked Inferno
Molten Flame's Energy cost per second is reduced by 10. After using Molten Flame, Deathwing gains 15 Energy over 3 seconds.
Dealing 320 damage with Molten Flame to enemy Heroes within 4 seconds causes them to burn for an additional 100 damage over 4 seconds. While burning, they explode every 1 second, dealing 80 damage to all nearby enemies.
Arrival of a God
Destroyer or World Breaker's landing damage is increased by 400%. Deathwing also gains the benefits of all of his level 7 talents.
Balance Patch - 11/12/19
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