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Created January 8, 2019

Face to Face

This build is good if you have a strong healer and front line. Preferably something like medic and jo. Good video with this build by Rich of GG. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4D68Zt1K4I
Hot Pursuit
When at 10 stacks of Hatred, the Movement Speed bonus increases to 20% total and you gain 4 Mana per second.
Creed of the Hunter
Increases Attack Speed by 10%. Quest: Use 100 Basic Attacks against Heroes. Reward: Your Hatred grants an additional 2% Basic Attack Damage per stack.
Death Dealer
Increases Vault Basic Attack damage bonus from 6% to 14% per stack of Hatred. If this attack kills its victim, the Mana cost and cooldown of Vault are refunded.
Rain of Vengeance
Launch a wave of Shadow Beasts that deals 250 damage (+4% per level) and stuns enemies in the target area for 0.5 seconds. Stores 2 charges.
Tempered by Discipline
While at 10 stacks of Hatred, your Basic Attacks heal you for 25% of the damage dealt.
Seething Hatred
While at 10 stacks of Hatred, gain 15% Spell Power. Basic Attacks now grant 2 stacks of Hatred.
Each stack of Hatred also increases Attack Speed by 2%. While at 10 stacks of Hatred, gain an additional 30% Attack Speed.
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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Good video of Rich doing this build: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4D68Zt1K4I