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Created March 28, 2019

Team-Fight Thrall

Excels at Maps where the objective is far from lanes, like ToD, BoE, Cursed Hollow, etc. For a skilled enough Thrall, viable on any map.
Crash Lightning
Repeatable Quest: Hitting at least 2 Heroes with a single use of Chain Lightning increases the damage of its bounces by 12, up to 360. Reward: After hitting multiple Heroes 30 times, Chain Lightning prioritizes bouncing to Heroes.
Frostwolf Pack
Quest: Hit 6 Heroes with Feral Spirit. Progress is lost on death and when Thrall fails to hit a Hero. Reward: Reduce the cooldown and Mana cost of Feral Spirit by 50%.
Ancestral Wrath
Activate to consume 8 stack of Ancestral Wrath, damaging a target enemy Hero for 15% of their maximum Health over 3 seconds, and healing Thrall for 150% of the damage dealth. Gain 1 stack of Ancestral Wrath every time Frostwolf Resilience activates.
Summon a massive Earthquake that pulses every 2 seconds. Each pulse slows all enemies in the area by 50%, and deals 290 damage to enemy Heroes. Does 3 pulses.
Frostwolf's Grace
Frostwolf Resilience can be activated to instantly heal for 150% of its normal amount.
Repeatable Quest: Casting Chain Lightning on a Hero other than the last Hero it was cast on grants it an 8% Slow, stacking up to 40%. This bonus is reset if Thrall dies or casts Chain Lightning on the same Hero twice. Reward: While at 40% bonus, Chain Lightning's damage (and bounces) is increased by 25%.
Alpha Wolf viable vs high HP enemies like Diablo, Azmodan, etc.
Earthen Shields
You and your allies within the Earthquake area gain a Shield equal to 15% of max Health each pulse. This shield lasts 4 seconds.
Probably one of the biggest power spike of an already strong Ulti. If you go Earthquake, always upgrade.
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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