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Created April 23, 2019

My Samuro build

WARNING: This Hero has an extremely high skill cap, and practice is of paramount importance.


1. Samuro clones eat up all Lili heals, so, best not to draft her with him.

2. Brightwing's TP onto Samuro is canceled if you cast Mirror Image or shift between Images.

3. While Samuro is unrevealable due to his E, Fenix's scan (Purification Salvo) fails on him. Alternatively, Shukuchi+E or Q can be used to dodge the scan altogether.

(Don't know if these have been changed though)

4. When you have a weakened mirror image, shifting into it cause the image that replaces the real one to have HP equal to the real one.

5. Samuro's Q can act as self cleanse and also if timed right can dodge skills like Pyroblast.

Good Maps: Any large map, any map with lane-push mercs. Sky Temple is probably his best map.

I play this build in High Gold to Low Diamond games and QMs, and with >65% WR (Usually 1 or fewer deaths per match) on the Hero for last 3 seasons, I think I know what I am doing. :-)
Way of the Blade
Critical Strike now happens for Samuro and his Mirror Images every 3rd Basic Attack. Samuro's Critical Strikes against enemy Heroes reduce their Physical Armor by 10 for 2 seconds.
Since the nerfs, Q-quest feels so weak. :-(
Mirror Image grants you and your Images 2 charges of Spell Block, reducing damage from the next enemy Ability against you by 40%. Can hold up to 2 charges.
Depending on enemy comp, this talent changes. More AA based Heroes on enemy, Deflection. More Spell/Ability burst, then Mirage. Bit of both, then be One with the Wind.
Burning Blade
Critical Strikes unleash a burst of flame, dealing an additional 50% of your Basic Attack damage to the target and nearby enemies.
I generally like the Burning Blade as it provides more lane clear, as imo Samuro split-push is the most annoying hero to play against. The double charge can also be good, to keep the 10% armor reduction. For the single target burst, Phantom Pain is best.
Illusion Master
Switch places with the target Mirror Image, removing most negative effects from Samuro and the target Mirror Image. Passive: You can control Mirror Images separately or as a group.
While Illusion Master might be the better ulti especially for the split-push play style, Bladestorm also has place (e.g. Nova, Smoke Bomb Valeera, Ana with Horus, etc).
Wind Walk teleports Samuro a short distance in the direction he's currently facing.
Just a reminder that Samuro teleports in the direction he is facing which may not be the direction of the mouse pointer. Kawarimi might be good for Phantom Pain and Bladestorm, but Shukuchi is probably the best.
Merciless Strikes
Samuro's Basic Attacks against Stunned, Rooted, or Slowed enemies are always Critical Strikes.
Given the amount of CC in the game atm, Merciless Strikes seem to be the best.
Three Blade Style
Your Images gain an additional 50% of your Health, and last up to 36 seconds.
Upgrade into 3 Blade Style always. (Note: When Bladestorm is picked at 10, Wind Strider's cdr can give a means of escape.)
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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