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Created May 14, 2019

Jaina SL build

Jaina is by far the best mage in the game at the moment. Works great with almost any comp.

Strengths: High burst, Wave clear, Merc capture, broken AF trait, baseline quest Iceblock ability.

Weakness: No escape or mobility button, low range abilities compared to other mages, Q-skillshot easy to miss.
Fingers of Frost
Quest: Gathering Regeneration Globes increases Jaina's Mana Regeneration by 0.1 per second, up to 2 per second. Reward: After gathering 20 Globes, the damage bonus from Frostbite is increased by 10%.
Not only is the mana regen very good for her, the buff on her already strong trait makes this talent very strong for a level 1 quest.
Frost Shards
Frostbolt will now pierce the first target to hit an additional target behind them.
Q is Jaina's main kill tool from range. The pierce makes sure that others don't tank the skillshot for the target. Also, significantly increases her damage in TFs and Merc camps.
Ice Lance
When Frostbolt hits a Chilled target its cooldown is reduced by 1.5 seconds and you regain 10 Mana.
The cdr and mana return allows you to control enemy movement by inflicting your trait's slow and keeping it on them forever.
Summon Water Elemental
Summon a Water Elemental at target location. The Water Elemental's Basic Attacks do 78 damage, splash for 25% damage and Chill. The Ability can be reactivated to retarget the Water Elemental. Lasts 20 seconds.
Usually, the better ulti, unless you got the Wombo-Combo setup (e.g. Zeratul VP + Diablo Apoc = Jaina go RoF usually).
Ice Barrier
When Jaina does increased damage from Frostbite, she is shielded for 25% of the total damage dealt. This Shield lasts 4 seconds.
While Icy Veins is the better talent, I find Ice Barrier more useful in SL due to the fact that Tanks don't peel, healers don't heal (At least upto mid Diamond). The higher you go, the more likely you won't need Barrier. Barrier however allows you to solo bruiser camp without taking damage.
Numbing Blast
Cone of Cold also roots Chilled targets for 1 second.
Jaina struggles vs high mobility/kiting heroes like Tracer or Genji. An added button of CC is always helpful. The Armor reduction is also viable.
Increases the cast range of Water Elemental by 50%, and the Water Elemental will now mimic your Basic Abilities for 50% damage.
Wintermute is an insane powerspike. You basically have 1.5 Jaina's in battle. Remember that its AA's inflict chill on enemy target, allowing you to root (level 16) the target without using any ability before E. Once rooted, Double Q, Double W. and watch them melt. Wintermute casts talented abilities (if I am not mistaken). Also, with Icy Veins at 13, You will be dishing out around 10k to 20k damage in TFs.
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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