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Created June 12, 2019

The Mostly Q Build

This build focuses on empowering Shadow Waltz and using Chomp for sustain.
En Pointe
Shadow Waltz deals an increased 90% damage to enemies hit by its end.
Hitting Heroes with the end of Shadow Waltz sets its cooldown to 0.75 second.
Ravenous Hunger
Quest: Minions that die within 1.5 seconds of being hit by Chomp permanently increase its damage by 2 and heal Orphea for 60. Heroes that die increase its damage by 40 and heal Orphea for 25% of her maximum Health.
Eternal Feast
After 1.5 seconds, deal 210 damage in an area. Eternal Feast repeats every 1 second as long as it hits an enemy Hero.
Abyssal Symbiosis
Hitting a Hero with Chomp instantly grants Orphea maximum Chaos.
Bond of Anguish
Shadow Waltz deals bonus damage to Heroes equal to 3% of their maximum Health, healing Orphea for 50% of damage dealt.
Final Toccata
Activate to instantly reset the cooldown of Shadow Waltz. For the next 6 seconds, dashing with Shadow Waltz resets its cooldown.
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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