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Created April 29, 2019

By all means I keep my balls clean

This ...right here ... is my ... pretty boy build.

This POS has caused me to hate this game and love it. Hate to play against this f***-o and love to blow people up with him. But, let's set the record straight you can tell what type of KT you are and more importantly what type someone else is by their level 1 talent and their level 10 ultimate. Keep in mind NO BUILD IS PERFECT every talent is SITUATIONAL but bruh... there are few situations where an infinite scaling mana buff that turns said infinite scaling mana into a SHIELD is worse than landing your flamestrike 20 times in a frenzy bc if you die before hand you lose all progress. I cant stress this point enough, the damage is good. It aint great, and it damn sure ain't better than the additional survivability granted by mana addict (not to mention much fewer visits to the fountain for mana). 

You picking KT has most likely triggered every player on the enemy team and you bet your ass that you are priority number one. Taking Convection at lvl 1 literally justifies any over extension on the enemy team so long as it nets in your death and each death means you don't have a level 1 talent. As an assassin you don't want that added pressure on your tank and healer and you damn sure don't want it effecting how you play the game by not committing to a fight because you're afraid you might die.

*Sigh* level 10...

I'm not saying Pyroblast is useless. Hell between the two its clearly the more fun ultimate. Few things are quite as fun as turning into Goku and casting Kamehameha on some poor soul and watching them flee in terror go into the fog and then get the notification that they ded. But these days with Lucio, Zarya, and Tyrael, shields, burst healing from your Whitemanes, Anas, and Lilis, and protections from Mediv, Auriel, Uther, and Anduin it becomes harder and harder to justify going Pyroblast (keeping in mind you could also be interrupted while casting it)  this isn't even mentioning blink mechanics like Zeratul, Sylvanas, and Tracer. So with this said it should come as no surprise that I advocate for Phoenix. Let me be clear I don't choose Phoenix to deal damage as this obviously deals a fraction of Pyroblast's damage, but where Phoenix truly shines is it's sustained poke and team fight presence. So many map objectives can be interrupted via damage Phoenix's ability to do so while keeping you at a safe distance is invaluable. This and it's much shorter than pyroblast's cool down let's you cast it with great liberties. 

All in all, no idea why I'm posting this as I hate this dude and can't stand playing against him. But too many times have I played alongside bad KT's... hopefully this alleviates some of the pain.

Mana Addict
Quest: Gathering a Regeneration Globe increases Kael'thas's maximum Mana by 15. Reward: After gathering 20 Globes, Kael'thas can activate Arcane Barrier to gain a Shield equal to 100% of his maximum Mana for 4 seconds.
Mana Addict for infinite scaling mana and shield survivablility but please read the intro/description for more details.
Energy Roil
Reduce the Mana cost of Gravity Lapse by 70. If Gravity Lapse hits a hero, reduce its cooldown by 9 seconds.
Gravity Lapse is how they balance this POS. If you can't land it, odds are you ded. But with this talent you not only get some CDR hitting a hero, but you make it more affordable to cast mana wise. Not to mention Nether Wind increasing the range might tempt you to initiate with the spell but again remember this is your out. This is your buffer between Illidans and you. As someone who has felt the hatred, I cant stress enough how having the CDR and mana reduction helps me stay alive longer in fights.
Sun King's Fury
Living Bombs that spread to enemy Heroes deal 35% more damage.
Here's where I'll get shit for this build. I have been told time and time again that in Masters and GM people don't spread bombs. Well guy listen here, I aint in GM or M and odds are if you're reading this build neither are you. And if you're in this skill bracket people spread bombs like the common cold. But if you're adamant on the 8% max HP damage IF YOU HIT MORE THAN ONE HERO then by all means go for it.
Launch a Phoenix to an area, dealing 171 damage to enemies along the way. The Phoenix persists for 7 seconds, attacking enemies for 171 damage and splashing for 50%.
See intro/ description.
Fission Bomb
Increases Living Bomb's explosion radius by 20%.
In my ELO Living bomb spreads like herpes so this explosion radius increase really gets a lot of mileage as the game goes on.
Flamestrikes apply Living Bomb to the enemy Hero closest to its center who is not currently affected by Living Bomb.
There is flexibility here with this talent. If my team severely lacks pushing power and wave clear I go Sunwell as the extra flamestrike melts waves and structures alike. But make no mistake Ignite is usually a 90% pick for me as a guaranteed FREE living bomb is hard to pass up and with all the particle effects in this game its hard to keep track of who has the bomb and how they got it.
Increases the cast range of Flamestrike by 40%. If you hit 2 or more Heroes, Flamestrike's cooldown is reduced by 4 seconds.
Even in lower ELOs the saying Fool Me Once still holds water. A bomb may spread but there is always someone in the enemy team smart enough to stay away and avoid the spread a second time. With that in mind I hardly ever see much value in going Master of Flames as people tend to have learned the hard way about the pains of Living Bomb and its spreading. Re-positioning a Phoenix and an increase in up time is very useful but by level 20 you are aiming to level Keeps and abuse your power in team fights. The 40% range increase combined with the CDR and the addition of applying living bomb makes you an absolute nightmare of a Mage. Factoring in the distance from which you are casting this Blietzkrieg means the enemy is going to have some serious ground to cover to get to you.
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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