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Created August 24, 2018

Nintorii's Whitemane

Whitemane's talent tree post level 10 is extremely flexible, allowing you to flex into W talents if you can afford them. This build is best for competitive settings where the Whitemane and her team is under constant threat by the enemy.
Activate to cast Inquisition on an allied Hero, healing them for up to 371 of 3 seconds while Channeling. Passive: Reduce Inquisition's cooldown by 4 seconds.
Clemency is by far the most flexible talent on this tier and gives Whitemane potent out of combat healing. This talent has good synergy with High Inquisitor and allows us to flex into Harsh Discipline and Shared Punishment later with the reduced cooldown on W.

Pity the Frail is a risky alternative if the enemy has a ton of heavy engage/burst and almost no poke. Don't often recommend it.
High Inquisitor
Casting Inquisition instantly removes all stacks of Desperation and restores 50 per stack removed.
High Inquisitor is by far the best talent at this tier, giving us infinite mana (which means infinite heals) if we manage our cooldowns properly. The shield from Unwavering Faith is good but we can flex into Self-Righteous at 13 if we need additional protection.
Activate to make an ally Unstoppable for 1 second and gain 1 stack of Desperation.
Fanatical Power is insane, adding a ton to our ultimate's value, burst healing, and out of combat healing. It's an all together powerful tool with a rarely noticed drawback.

Intercession is just a slightly weaker version of normal cleanse, but consider it against the likes of Garrosh, Stukov, and ETC if your team is threatened by the CC of those heroes.
Scarlet Aegis
Bolster the spirits of nearby allied Heroes, healing them for 250 and granting them 40 Armor for 4 seconds.
Scarlet Aegis is very flexible and its low cooldown allows us to spam it in skirmishes to secure kills or use it as a safety net.

Divine Reckoning is a hyper risky alternative which puts all your eggs in one basket. If you have insane set up (eg Ring of Frost or Warden's Cage), consider this if you took Fanatical Power at 7.
Casting Desperate Plea on an ally heals Whitemane for 135. Does not grant Zeal.
Self-Righteous competes with Harsh Discipline at this tier, generally you will decide at this point in the game whether or not you need additional protection or can afford giving it up. The root can be very good against DPS characters that have to step up into Whitemane like Maeiv or Fenix.
Upon reaching 3 stacks of Desperation, all allies with Zeal are healed for 175. If Zeal is cast while Whitemane has 3 stacks of Desperation, then instead of reducing Whitemane’s Armor it instead increases her Armor by 10.
Radiance is pretty standard in competitive games - it just adds too much healing to your kit to sacrifice.

Optimal fight flow on damaged allies: Fanatical Power -> ult if needed -> Q(hero 1), Q(hero 2), Q(hero 3) -> Radiance proc, E+W on enemy -> Q(hero 4), Q(hero 5)... rinse repeat when full combo comes up

Shared Punishment and Lashing Out are essentially win-more talents, but both are good in their own rights. Take Shared Punishment if you took Harsh Discipline at 13 and Lashing Out if you took Self-Righteous.
Scarlet Crusade
Scarlet Aegis heals for 50% more and makes affected allies Unstoppable for 2 seconds.
Scarlet Crusade is the safest talent at this tier, making Scarlet Crusade an extremely strong engage or disengage tool on top of the spell power buff at 7.

Subjugation is decent value against melee assassins if you selected Shared Punishment at 16.

Purge the Wicked is my second favorite talent at this tier. This talent is very scary when paired with a hero with strong lock-down like Garrosh or Anub'arak.
Ballance Patch - 8/22/18
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