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Created May 11, 2019

MMASniper's Tychus Build

Tychus is the original Tank Buster. He is still an amazing Tank Buster with great team fight value. He can kill just about any hero, but he focuses tanks. With this build, you'll never lose to a tank or bruiser. 
Increase the range of Run and Gun by 50%. Casting Run and Gun grants Tychus 20% Movement Speed for 2.5 seconds.
In the Rhythm
Quest: While Minigun is active, Basic Attacks against Heroes permanently increase future Minigun durations by .03 seconds.
Increases the range of Frag Grenade by 50%.
Drakken Laser Drill
Call down a Laser Drill to attack nearby enemies, dealing 142 damage every second. Reactivate to assign a new target. Lasts 22 seconds.
I like Drakken Laser Drill because you can deal damage with Tychus as usual and Laser the backline, healer, or low heal heroes.
That's the Stuff!
Minigun heals Tychus for 100% of the bonus damage done to Heroes after the ability ends.
Titan Grenade
Frag Grenade deals bonus damage to Heroes equal to 5% of their maximum Health.
Sizzlin' Attacks
Your Basic Attacks deal bonus damage to Heroes equal to 1% of their maximum Health. Stacks with Minigun.
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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