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Created May 11, 2019

MMASniper's Thrall Build

Thrall, the Elemental leader of the Horde for a long while. He can destroy tanks with the right build and back line with ease. He can CC and decimate anyone who dares to challenge him.
Rolling Thunder
For 10 seconds after hitting an enemy with Chain Lightning, Thrall's next Basic Attack against them restores 15 Mana and 2.5% of his maximum Health. Passive: Increase the number of Chain Lightning bounces by 1.
Mana Tide
Frostwolf Resilience restores 15 Mana and reduces Basic Ability cooldowns by 0.5 seconds.
Ancestral Wrath
Activate to consume 8 stack of Ancestral Wrath, damaging a target enemy Hero for 15% of their maximum Health over 3 seconds, and healing Thrall for 150% of the damage dealth. Gain 1 stack of Ancestral Wrath every time Frostwolf Resilience activates.
After 0.5 seconds, sunder the earth in a long line, dealing 290 damage and shoving enemies to the side, Stunning them for 1 second.
Sundering is my default because of the CC and damage combination provided. The CC from Earthquake is nice but is mostly for dive comps.
Frostwolf's Grace
Frostwolf Resilience can be activated to instantly heal for 150% of its normal amount.
Alpha Wolf
For 3 seconds after a Hero is hit by Feral Spirit, Thrall's Basic Attacks against them deal an additional 3% of the target's maximum Health as damage. Passive: Increase the duration of Feral Spirit's Root to 1.5 seconds.
Nexus Blades
Basic Attacks deal 20% more damage and slow enemy Movement Speed by 20% for 1 second.
ll great choices, I opt for the extra damage and slow.
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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