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Created May 11, 2019

MMASniper's Samuro Build

Samuro, the Blademaster...his blade isn't the only threat, his images are just as much of a threat as his blade is. He will cause confusion, he will make you anxious, he will ruin your sanity. Hail, the one true...Blademaster...
Way of Illusion
Quest: Every time one of your Images Critically Strikes a Hero, gain 0.25 Attack Damage, up to 10. Reward: After hitting 40 Heroes, gain an additional 20 Attack Damage.
Mirror Image grants you and your Images 2 charges of Spell Block, reducing damage from the next enemy Ability against you by 40%. Can hold up to 2 charges.
Phantom Pain
Samuro's Critical Strikes deal an additional 45% of his Basic Attack damage for each Mirror Image that is active.
Illusion Master
Switch places with the target Mirror Image, removing most negative effects from Samuro and the target Mirror Image. Passive: You can control Mirror Images separately or as a group.
Bladestorm is fantastic and you will see it a ton in the lower ranks, however, mastering Illusion Master will provide the value that Samuro provides and that's confusion to your opponents. They will strike the wrong Samuro leaving you to do uncontested damage. Neither is a bad ultimate, Illusion Master just has the potential for higher value and it is a much higher difficulty of any ultimate in the game.
Wind Walk teleports Samuro a short distance in the direction he's currently facing.
Harsh Winds
Attacking a Hero from Wind Walk causes them to take 30% increased damage from Samuro for 3 seconds.
Three Blade Style
Your Images gain an additional 50% of your Health, and last up to 36 seconds.
Mirror images lasting longer means more damage from you and your team.
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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