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Created May 10, 2019

MMASniper's Raynor Build

Since Raynor's rework, he is still a point and click hero, however, he is a more formidable hero than prior. He can put up numbers and pressure with his gun and self sustainable armor. 
Ace In The Hole
Deal 10% more damage to Stunned or Slowed enemy Heroes.
Behemoth Armor
Gain 200 bonus maximum Health. Quest: Every time Give 'Em Some Pepper's primary target is a Hero, gain an additional 5 maximum Health.
Unstable Compound
Increase the area of Give 'Em Some Pepper by 15%, and enemies hit by it are Slowed by 10% for 2.5 seconds.
Raynor's Raiders
Summon a Banshee that assists Raynor. The Banshee deals 84 damage per second and regenerates 75 Health per second if it hasn't taken damage in the last 4 seconds. Can reactivate to retarget or move the Banshee. The Banshee respawns automatically after 45 seconds. Leash range: 14.
Raynor's Raiders is a nice addition to his kit. You can place pressure by controlling who it attacks and using it to stutter step as you take camps. It is a nice aggro machine, however, Hyperion adds pressure and damage to buildings and heroes uncontested, your choice depending on the situation.
Gain 10% Movement Speed while mounted and unmounted. Inspire grants 8% more Movement Speed.
Bounty Hunter
If Give 'Em Some Pepper's target is a Hero, it deals an additional 3% of their maximum Health as damage and grants Raynor 10 Armor for 3 seconds. Activate Give 'Em Some Pepper to apply it to Raynor's next Basic Attack.
Increase Attack Speed by 20%. Basic Attack damage is increased by 25% against targets below 50% Health.
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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