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Created September 1, 2017

McIntyre's "Competitive" Gazlowe Build

Build is based around using your e to both waveclear and wombo in the late game paired with gravo bomb. Use your turrets to kite and slow the enemy and wait till they clump for a big gravo combo. I typically set turrets up as wards to keep the enemy from killing me and just kite around in team fight.

If you want to go turret build feel free to as it find it to be easier than this build but I find this to be the most effective for me.
Extra TNT
Increases Xplodium Charge damage by 10% per target hit, up to 100%.
Ark Reaktor
Reduces Xplodium Charge's cooldown by 2 seconds. If Xplodium Charge hits an enemy Hero, you gain 2 charges of Rock-It! Turret.
Engine Gunk
Rock-It! Turret attacks slow enemies by 20% for 2 seconds.
Grav-O-Bomb 3000
After a 2 second delay, pull enemies toward the center of an area and deal 251 damage.
X-Tra Large Bombs
Increases Xplodium Charge radius by 30%. Being stunned or rooted causes an Xplodium Charge to drop at Gazlowe's feet. This effect has a 10 second cooldown.
Turret Storage
Increases Rock-It! Turret maximum charges from 2 to 3.
Miniature Black Hole
Grav-O-Bomb radius increased by 25% and damage increased by 50%.
Balance Patch - 8/8/17
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