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Created September 1, 2017

Competitive Standard Cassia

Play around your charged strike, if it's down do not play aggressive. Use your e to get near your targets when you want to execute or go all in but usually immediatey cancel it so you can get back to stutter stepping

Tech Talent:

Level 4 Blind for illidan hunt/butcher dive heroes that will cc you but need to auto
Charged Strikes
Gain 15% Attack Speed. Every 3rd Basic attack deals 15% bonus damage to the target and bounces to nearby enemy Heroes.
Ring of the Leech
Basic Attacks against heal Cassia for 15% of the damage they deal. If an enemy is Blinded this affects Lightning Fury and Fend.
Surge of Light
After taking 650 damage with Avoidance active, Cassia can activate Avoidance to deal 240 damage to enemies around her.
Ball Lightning
Throw a ball of lightning at an enemy Hero that bounces up to 6 times between nearby enemy Heroes and Cassia, dealing 180 damage to enemies hit.
Lunging Strike
Increase Fend's range and area by 20% and its duration by 0.5 seconds.
Martial Law
Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes deal 1% maximum Health as damage. This is increased to 3% maximum Health against Heroes who are Stunned, Rooted, or Slowed.
Titan's Revenge
Basic Attacks ignore Armor and while Avoidance is fully charged, deal 20% bonus Attack Damage.
Balance Patch - 8/8/17
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