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Created May 5, 2017

Horsepants Holy Shock Uther

Holy shock bruiser build. Dont heal, do damage. Credit to @Horsepantsu
Silver Touch
Quest: Reduce damage from Heroic sources with Devotion. Reward: After reducing damage 40 times, Holy Light's Mana cost is reduced from 90 to 70. Reward: After reducing damage 80 times, Holy Light's Mana cost is reduced to 50, and its range is increased by 50%.
Holy Shock
Holy Light can be used on an enemy to do 50% of its healing amount as damage. When used this way, Uther receives its self-healing benefits, its cooldown is reduced by 6 seconds, and it refunds 45 mana.
Armor of Faith
Being Stunned, Rooted, or Silenced causes Holy Light's cooldown to recharge 200% faster for 6 seconds. Furthemore, when Uther is Stunned, Rooted, or Silence, restore 90 Mana.
Divine Storm
Deal 170 damage and stun nearby enemies for 1.75 seconds.
Blessed Champion
For the next 5 seconds after using Holy Light, Uther's Basic Attacks heal him and nearby allies for 15% of the total amount healed by Holy Light.
Beacon of Light
Uther receives 100% bonus self-healing when healing others with Holy Light. This bonus is increased to 200% while he is below 50% Health.
After Eternal Devotion ends, Uther revives at the spirit's location with 50% of his maximum Health.
Heroes 2.0 - 4/25/17
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This build is increadible! and it makes Uther play so differently then how he has before. Horsepants did excellent work on this.