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Created May 18, 2019

Solo queue Arthas

This build aims to maximize Arthas survivability & self healing, for those solo queue games when you're unsure about the quality of your healer (if your team has one at all, that is).
Every 5 seconds, gain 75 Physical Armor against the next enemy Hero Basic Attack, reducing the damage taken by 75%. Stores up to 3 charges.
This tier changes depending on enemy team comp.
Increase the range of Death Coil by 30% reduce its cooldown by 3 seconds, and if Death Coil is used on an enemy Hero, its Mana cost is refunded.
Helps a lot with survivability early game as well as helps you secure kills later in the game.
Immortal Coil
Gain the healing effect of Death Coil even when used on enemies. If Death Coil is used on Arthas, it heals for an additional 50% bonus healing.
This talent is a big spike in survivability, even when you use Death Coil for offense.
Synergises well with level 4.
Army of the Dead
Summons Ghouls that last 15 seconds, deal 20 damage, and have 1060 health. Sacrifice Ghouls to heal for 267 Health.
Makes you really hard to kill, which allows for crazier team fights.
Frost Strike
Reduces Frostmourne Hungers' cooldown by 2 seconds. Frostmourne Hungers also slows the enemy by 50% for 1.5 seconds.
All three options are viable and good.
Pick talent depending on enemy team comp.
Embrace Death
Death Coil deals more damage and heals more the lower Arthas's current health is, to a maximum of 100% bonus damage and healing.
More healing/damage - Synergises well with level 4 & 7.
Legion of Northrend
3 additional Ghouls are created. Ghouls heal for an additional 50% and last 5 seconds longer.
At this point you're pretty much immortal. How can you kill that which has no life?
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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