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Last Edited September 17, 2020


Liquid Cooling
Activate to gain the effects of a Healing Fountain. Requires Mech Mode. Passive: While in Mech Mode, Healing Fountain's cooldown is reduced to 50 seconds and its effects last 25% longer.
Nuclear Option
Hitting your self-destructiong Mech with Big Shot causes it to explode 40% faster. Passive: When Fusion Cannons deal bonus damage to an enemy Hero, gain 0.25 Self Destruct Charge.
Hit The Nitrous
The initial speed bonus of Boosters is increased to 300%, decaying to normal speed over .5 seconds. During this time, Boosters stuns for .5 seconds.
Micro Missiles
After 0.375 seconds Channel to launch a volley of 12 missiles in a target direction. Each missile impacts the first enemy in its path, dealing 40 damage in a small area and Slowing by 35% for 2 seconds. Stores 2 charges with a 5 second cooldown between each use. Requires Mech Mode.
Good To Go
Pilot Mode: Unlocks the Concussive Pulse and Torpedo Dash abilities. Torpedo Dash: Dash a short distance. 10 second cooldown. Concussive Pulse: Deal 120 damage to enemies in a cone and knock them back. 10 second cooldown.
Emergency Shielding
When D.Va's Mech would be destroyed, it instead gains a Shield that absorbs 280 damage over 4 seconds. This effect has a 30 second cooldown.
Timing Attack
Micro Missiles gains an additional charge. Each time Micro Missiles deals damage to a Hero, reduce its cooldown by .5 seconds and its charge cooldown by .25 seconds.
Balance Patch - 11/12/19
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