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Created February 10, 2019

The Orbs are my Friends - (Quick Match)

This is a build for Quick Match if you find yourself without a support as Kael’thas. It focuses on building up your trait [Verdant Spheres] to help provide some sustain throughout the match.

Note: This build also focuses on using [Living Bomb] as your primary ability. You’ll want to cast it using [Verdant Spheres] to mitigate the mana cost. Since [Verdant Spheres] has a 6s CD, you’re essentially lowering [Living Bomb]’s CD to 6s and mana cost to none. Just don’t forget you have your other abilities as tools to zone and stun.

Fel Infusion
Increases Kael'thas's Spell Power by 4%. Kael'thas heals for 94 Health when activating Verdant Spheres.
Now while [Mana Addict] is the stronger talent here, I prefer to go all in and buff our [Verdant Spheres] to gain that spell power buff and heal. It’ll help with our support-less sustain and with Lv.4’s [Mana Tap] we’ll have our own little Fountain Tap on hand.

I’d suggest [Mana Addict] if the enemy comp consists of a lot of high damage/burst heroes or a gank happy setup (looking at you Butcher).
Mana Tap
Activating Verdante Spheres restores 3.9% of your maximum Mana.
[Mana Tap] will help slow down the mana drain from our abilities other than [Living Bomb] if you’ve only been using it with [Verdant Spheres]. Like I mentioned earlier it works well with Lv.1’s [Verdant Spheres] talent by providing a mini-tap.
Sunfire Enchantment
Activating Verdant Spheres causes Kael'thas's next 2 Basic Attacks to instead deal 115 Spell Damage. If both of these Attacks hit enemy Heroes, gain 15% Spell Power for 10 seconds.
At Lv.7 I go [Sunfire Enchantment] for that extra AA boost plus the spell power boost if you land two AA on an enemy hero. You can combo well with this using [Gravity Lapse]:
[Verdant Spheres] > [Gravity Lapse] > 2 AA > [Flamestrike] or [Living Bomb]

For the last ability it doesn’t have to hit the hero you used [Gravity Lapse] on if there’s another priority target nearby. Also make the call on whether [Flamestrike] or [Living Bomb] is a good followup depending on the enemy’s escape options.

If the enemy team consists of a lot of mobile heroes or enemy’s who are grouped up more often than not, [Sun King’s Fury] is a great option too.
Launch a Phoenix to an area, dealing 171 damage to enemies along the way. The Phoenix persists for 7 seconds, attacking enemies for 171 damage and splashing for 50%.
Now while [Pyro Blast] is super fun I feel like it has a time and place. If you’re facing a comp with a lot of ways to escape like stasis or invulnerability then this might not be the best pick.

[Phoenix] on the other hand offers a lot of zoning utility for capture objectives and peeling off enemies from your allies in team fights.
Fission Bomb
Increases Living Bomb's explosion radius by 20%.
Since the main goal of this build is to upgrade [Verdant Spheres] to help sustain us plus grant us some bonuses, I find selecting [Fission Bomb] helps with our use of [Living Bomb].

Since [Verdant Spheres] essentially lowers the CD and cost of [Living Bomb] this will help in ensuring it hits more enemies once it explodes. Plus with the Lv.20 upgrade it will help in spreading it as well.
Twin Spheres
Verdant Spheres gains a second charge.
This is when it gets more fun since [Twin Spheres] means we can not only combo two empowered basic abilities but also trigger [Sunfire Enchantment] twice to keep that spell power up. So you can use the combo mentioned at Lv.7 but also empower the finishing ability as well.
Master of Flames
Living Bomb's spread from explosions can now also spread Living Bomb.
At Lv.20 [Master of Flames] will make our unending stream of [Living Bomb]s more potent and longer lasting. Plus you can reapply it more frequently.
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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