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Created March 1, 2018


Portal Mastery
Medivh can manually place both Portal locations. Activate your Trait to cancel an unlinked Portal.
The movement bonus of Winds is deceptive. We're not talking about 50% faster, we're saying 50% of the 20% increase, which is 10%. In total, you're going 130% speed. With the FoW resets, you might have mana issues. The traditional "noob" talent, Raven's Intellect might prove to be pretty decent.

All said, I like Portal Mastery. You can use portals in raven, which means you can safely save your teammates when it's not ideal to exit Raven form. It also greatly greatly increases the range of which you can cast your portals.
Dust of Appearance
Activate to greatly increase sight range for 5 seconds and reveal enemy Heroes in the area for 8 seconds. Does not cancel in Raven Form. Passive: Increase Medivh's site range while in Raven Form by 25%.
I really like this talent tier. IMO, Raven Familiar is good for aggressive Medivh players. It is extra effective Bronze-Gold because you're immediately providing value in the form of damage. Plat-Diamond, Dust of Appearance would provide tons of value because vision is crucial for the team. Finally, Mage Armor is excellent at the pro scene, where the teams coordinate together.
Mystic Assault
If Arcane Rift hits an enemy Hero, Medivh's next Basic Attack within 6 seconds deals 40% more damage and heals for 40% of the damage dealt.
I'm a fan of Mystic Assault on paper, but this may cause problems with your spell rotation. Typically you Q, move, Q move. Having to add the extra step of a basic attack in between may lead to you landing less Qs with the enemy getting away.

Arcane Explosion, conceptually isn't a good talent. It relies on the teammate you used FoW on to provide value, which isn't always useful. However, the amount of damage dealt can't be ignored at the moment. This makes it a good enough choice for what I believe is a poorly reworked talent.
Ley Line Seal
After 0.5 seconds, unleash a wave of energy that imprisons enemy Heroes in Stasis for 3 seconds.
Enduring Will
Preventing at least 268 damage with Force of Will reduces its cooldown to 3 seconds.
Enduring Will is OP in this state.
Stable Portal
Decrease Portal cooldown by 25% and increase Portal duration by 50%.
Stable Portal is a must, based on my play style.
Guardian of Tirisfal
Minions and Catapults hit by Arcane Rift are instantly killed.
Balance Patch - 2/21/18
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