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Created August 7, 2019


Unpopular opinion: Let's play our girl Qhira like a ganker! The talents in this build are selected for burst gankdown potential.

Left: Qhira with Spectre Orochi Hovercycle. Middle: Cobalt Qhira with Amber Nexus Charger. Right: Vanquisher Scrapper Queen Qhira and Ancient Demonic Hellsteed
Finishing Touch
Gain 20% Basic Attack damage. When you Basic Attack a Hero below 50% Health, gain an additional 20% Basic Attack damage and 35% Attack Speed for 3 seconds.
It starts with additional attack damage and speed against below 50% targets.
Your Pain, My Gain
Basic Attacking an enemy Hero grants Qhira 10 Armor for 3 seconds (stacking up to 3 times).
lol armor
If Blood Rage damages an enemy Hero below 50% Health, it Heals for an additional 190 Health.
Builds on the "below 50%" advantage.
Final Strike
After 1 second, strike your sword in a line to deal 395 damage to all enemies in its path. This damage is increased by 25% to any enemy below 50% Health.
Final Strike only to build on the "below 50%" advantage. Otherwise Unrelenting Strikes is the better ability here.
The Hunted
Basic Attacking an enemy Hero increases your Basic Attack damage against that Hero by 25%. Stacks up to 4 times and lasts 4 seconds. This bonus is reset if a different Hero is attacked.
MOAR attack damage!
Lingering Ailment
Enemy Heroes hit by Revolving Sweep or by Grappling Hook have their Armor reduced by 15 or 3 seconds.
Armor reduction is good. Gets'em deader quicker.
No Sanctuary
Nearby enemy Heroes below 50% Health are revealed and you gain 20% Movement Speed while an enemy Hero is revealed by you in this way. Additionally, you deal 20% increased damage to these revealed enemies.
The nail in the coffin. ULTIMATE DESTRUCTION!
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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