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Created April 4, 2019

Ancestor's Guide Me

About Me

I am a coach for one of the current teams of Division S, CelebTV Gaming. I've noticed there's been a lack of competitive content and updates to guides so I thought I'd go over some of the more 'meta' builds. I'll try and keep them up to date as best as I can, if you have questions you can hit me up on Twitter,  @Decade_Live.

If you'd like to get to know our team as well we have a discord link anyone is welcome to join, https://discord.gg/jPgn9MV. All the players will be there, you can ask questions and feel free to join us for games. :) 

About Thrall

Thrall is probably one of my favorite Heroes in the entirety of the game. He's a very flexible pick that can be played in the 4-man to fill the flex role or played as an offlaner in set match ups.


Thrall as a flex Hero helps deal with a lot of frontline team comps while also adding a lot of solid teamfight disengage or initiate tools through Earthquake or Sunder. I don't think there's a situation where he is a bad hero to draft but he's a jack of trade hero, not excelling in any particular role well but safe to run in almost all situations. If you're having difficulties on drafting your second assassin he can be a great filler pick to round out your team comp. 

Thrall as a solo lane/off lane hero is actually fairly weak. He lacks waveclear completely which rules him out as a double soaker but what he makes up for that in is his dueling potential. Most objective focused maps that have one point of contention are where he thrives the most. If you can brawl with another solo laner that's where thrall will shine the most, he usually win most 1v1s but it does require a bit of thought. 



Chain Lightning: It is your easiest way to quickly stack your passive. By casting your Q you will immediately gain 3 stacks of your trait, (not including talents) which allows for quick sources of sustain making Thrall a feast or famine off-laner and a very durable flex hero. 

Feral Spirit: Can be used directly on a wave as it approaches to get multiple procs of Frostwolf Resilience (P). Great way to heal back if there's no action or need for the CC. This is multi-CC ability, rooting all targets in a line, this is a complete and total skillshot so it will take some time to get the hang on landing it  on the targets you need to. 

Windfury: Another source of your Trait but probably one of your best trading/juking tools. Casting this ability immediately after an auto attack resets your auto attack timer. The movespeed from the talent allows you to juke, chase, or disengage. With Alpha Wolf (16) you can time your auto attacks to deal 12% HP damage in fights. 

Echo of the Elements
Quest: Kill Minions of Heroes within 1.5 seconds of hitting them with Chain Lightning. Reward: After killing 10 enemies, reduce the Mana cost of Chain Lightning from 40 to 25. Reward: After killing 20 enemies, gain a second charge of Chain Lightning.
Echo of the Elements: This is the bread and butter of Thrall's Damage in most Talent Builds. It slows down his overall bullying potential but when quest completion comes online you've doubled your damage.

Crash Lightning: Trap Talent. I know it seems like a lot of Damage but with Thunderstorm and 2 Charges of your Q you will do more damage to enemies, and with Mana Tide at level 4 you're going to be Qing more often.

Rolling Thunder; There are times where I will take this talent but only if I opt for a full Feral Spirit build with Frostwolf Pack (4) & Alpha wolf (16). It is good into match ups you won't typically win with a lot of the sustain but falls off hard post-laning phase. If you're solo laning this can be an option.
Mana Tide
Frostwolf Resilience restores 15 Mana and reduces Basic Ability cooldowns by 0.5 seconds.
Feral Resilience: If you're into auto attack Heavy comps and just looking to be more durable from their damage this can be an option.

Frostwolf Pack: It can be a somewhat difficult quest to complete but with Alpha Wolf (16) it makes you melt tanks like butter. Only time I would take this talent is if you plant to take Alpha Wolf.

Mana Tide: Infinite Mana Sustain and CDR. Can't get much better than that. Mana Tide procs off of Frostwolf Resilience be activated which includes your Frostwolf's Grace (13). Keep in mind your heal at 13 can be used to reduced CDRs and heal.
Ancestral Wrath
Activate to consume 8 stack of Ancestral Wrath, damaging a target enemy Hero for 15% of their maximum Health over 3 seconds, and healing Thrall for 150% of the damage dealth. Gain 1 stack of Ancestral Wrath every time Frostwolf Resilience activates.
Maelstrom Weapon: Trap Talent. Not much else to say.

Ancestral Wrath: Percent Health Damage that also heals for the damage dealt. % Damage is not reduced by Spell Armor so you get 100% value here. Helps deal with frontliners and makes you extremely durable with all your healing from Trait and Ancestral.

Follow Through: If the enemy team lacks a Tank for Ancestral Wrath to be used on then I'd opt for this to melt targets quickly.
After 0.5 seconds, sunder the earth in a long line, dealing 290 damage and shoving enemies to the side, Stunning them for 1 second.
Sundering: If the enemy is running a backline heavy team with a lot of easy targets to blow up this is the go-to ultimate. Helps split people apart in teamfights with great crowd control.

Earthquake: If the enemy team lacks Mobility or is front line heavy you can go with Earthquake. Helps your back line play safe in fights while the tanks have a hard time getting in.
Frostwolf's Grace
Frostwolf Resilience can be activated to instantly heal for 150% of its normal amount.
Frostwolf's Grace: Instant 400+ HP Heal that can be used right after your trait has procc'd yes. Generally I'd recommend to not cast this if you already have stacks unless you need to survive. Everything else is a trap talent here.
Chain Lightning Slows targets by 8% for 2 seconds. Quest: Targeting a Hero directly with Chain Lightning increases this Slow by 8%, up to an additional 40%. Reward: While at a 40% bonus, Chain Lightning's damage is increased by 25%. Bonuses are reset if Chain Lightning is used on the same Hero it was last used on, or if Thrall dies.
Tempest Fury: Trap Talent.

Thunderstorm: Additional source of Crowd Control and a big chunk of damage to enemies that are squishy. Will almost always go this talent.

Alpha Wolf: Only will take this talent if I go Frostwolf Pack (4). This is used to burn down frontliners thanks to the extra root and percent damage. Be sure to hold your Windfury with this build to quickly proc the percent damage.
Wind Rush
Activate to immediately teleport to a target location and gain Windfury.
Worldbreaker: Trap Talent.

Earthen Shields: If you've already gone Earthquake and your team is having difficulties coming out ahead in teamfights for example Dragonblade Genji's damage can be avoided with the shield.

Nexus Blades: Trap Talent

Wind Rush: A get out of jail free card or a snap engage tool. Has a lot of versatility on how to use it. You can even use it right after your first Windfury to proc it twice.
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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