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Created May 8, 2018


Only take this if you already have a maintank AND solo laner and the enemies dont have lots of CC
High King's Quest
Quest: Hit 50 Heroes with Basic Attacks. Quest: Participate in 5 Hero Takedowns. Quest: Gather 20 Regeneration Globes. Reward: Completing a Quest grants 10 Base Attack Damage. Completing all 3 Quests grants an additional 30 Base Attack Damage.
Twin Blades of Fury
Basic Attacks reduce Heroic Strike's cooldown by 9 seconds, and increase Varian's Movement Speed by 30% for 2 seconds. Passive: Attack Speed increased by 100%. Passive: Base Attack Damage reduced by 20%.
Second Wind
Basic Attacks heal Varian for 1% of his maximum Health. While below 50% Health, they also heal him for 50% of the damage dealt.
Reduce Charge's cooldown by 8 seconds and Mana cost from 45 to 22. Additionally, Charge can be cast on allied Heroes.
Take Shield Wall against mages
Charge deals bonus damage to Heroes equal to 4% of their maximum Health.
Take Shattering Throw against shields (Tass, Johanna, ...).
Banner of Ironforge
Activate to place a Banner that grants Resistant to nearby allied Heroes, reducing damage taken by 20%. Lasts 12 seconds.
Demoralizing Shout
Activate to demoralize nearby enemy Heroes, reducing damage they deal by 45% for 5 seconds.
Balance Patch - 4/11/18
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