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Created June 12, 2019

heal test

Winds of Celerity
Increases Raven Form's Movement Speed bonus by 50%.
Mage Armor
The first time an ally uses a Portal, they gain 30 Armor for 4 seconds, reducing their damage taken by 30%.
Mystic Assault
If Arcane Rift hits an enemy Hero, Medivh's next Basic Attack within 6 seconds deals 50% more damage and heals for 50% of the damage dealt.
Ley Line Seal
After 0.5 seconds, unleash a wave of energy that imprisons enemy Heroes in Stasis for 3 seconds.
Increase the amount of healing from Force of Will to 70% of the damage it absorbed.
Temporal Flux
Basic Attacks reduce Medivh's Heroic Ability by 3%. Each enemy Hero hit by Arcane Rift reduces Medivh's Heroic Ability by 9%.
Medivh Cheats!
Increase the duration of the Stasis effect by 33.33% and gain the ability to redirect the wave once while it's activate.
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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