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Created November 13, 2018

Solo/Run It Down Arthas

For when you need another tank/bruiser or simply feel like running it down. 
Eternal Hunger
Quest: Use Frostmourne on an enemy Hero. Reward: Increases the Mana it restores by 4, to a maximum of 40, and its damage by 4.
Scaling now fam, just keep on stacking your trait damage infinitely.
Frozen Wastes
Frozen Tempest Mana cost reduced by 2 per second. Quest: Damage enemy Heroes with Frozen Tempest. Reward: After damaging enemy Heroes 150 times with Frozen Tempest, the Movement and Attack Speed slows of Frozen Tempest last an extra 1.5 seconds against enemy Heroes.
Even when running it down, this is the way to go.
Icebound Fortitude
Activate to gain 25 Armor, reducing damage taken by 25%, and reduce the duration of Stuns, Slows, and Roots against Arthas by 75% for 3 seconds.
Still the way to go.
Summon Sindragosa
Deals 504 damage and slows enemies and non-Heroic enemies by 60% for 2 seconds. Also disables Structures for 20 seconds.
Highly underrated and undervalued heroic. Disable minions, structures, and slows heroes with a bit of damage on the side. Great on Braxis, Tomb, and BoE.
Frost Strike
Reduces Frostmourne Hungers' cooldown by 2 seconds. Frostmourne Hungers also slows the enemy by 50% for 1.5 seconds.
Maximizing the run it down value here on your trait.
Frostmourne Feeds
Increases the amount of Basic Attacks empowered by Frostmourne Hungers to 2.
Thoroughly running it down now fam.
Absolute Zero
Sindragosa flies twice as far. Enemy Heroes are rooted for 2 seconds, and then slowed by 60% for 3.5 seconds.
Now it's almost a global ability and it roots the enemies hit by it. Easily one of my favorite storm talents in the game.
Balance Patch - 10/31/18
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