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Created November 15, 2018

Just Thrall

Solo lane build.
Echo of the Elements
Quest: Kill Minions of Heroes within 1.5 seconds of hitting them with Chain Lightning. Reward: After killing 10 enemies, reduce the Mana cost of Chain Lightning from 45 to 25. Reward: After killing 20 enemies, gain a second charge of Chain Lightning.
Mana Tide
Frostwolf Resilience restores 15 Mana and reduces Basic Ability cooldowns by 0.5 seconds.
Gives you more sustain and the additional basic ability CD reduction is nice.
Follow Through
After using an ability, your next Basic Attack within 6 seconds deals 40% additional damage.
Now that you have two charges of lightning, Chain Lightning, auto, Chain Lightning again, auto, and they're in rough shape. Ancestral Wrath is good if they're front line heavy.
Summon a massive Earthquake that pulses every 2 seconds. Each pulse slows all enemies in the area by 50%, and deals 290 damage to enemy Heroes. Does 3 pulses.
Earthquake makes the team fight much more manageable. Makes it easy for your teammates to peel back and makes it difficult for the enemy team to escape. Also the slight damage it does deal procs Thrall's Frostwolf Resilience.
Frostwolf's Grace
Frostwolf Resilience can be activated to instantly heal for 150% of its normal amount.
Spirit Shield if you're gonna get instantly blown up. Otherwise, take the heal active.
Repeatable Quest: Casting Chain Lightning on a Hero other than the last Hero it was cast on grants it an 8% Slow, stacking up to 40%. This bonus is reset if Thrall dies or casts Chain Lightning on the same Hero twice. Reward: While at 40% bonus, Chain Lightning's damage (and bounces) is increased by 25%.
Earthen Shields
You and your allies within the Earthquake area gain a Shield equal to 15% of max Health each pulse. This shield lasts 4 seconds.
Balance Patch - 10/31/18
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