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Created July 31, 2018


Standard build for new Azmodan, he can do even more damage than before and stack even faster. Feels more like a ranged assassin vs the specialist he's categorized as. 
Basic Attacks against Heroes under 75% Health grant 1 Annihilation. Quest: After gaining 200 Annihilation, hitting a Hero with Globe of Annihilation increases the damage of Azmodan's next Basic Attack against them within 3 seconds by 75% the amount of Annihilation he has.
AA'ing enemies for stacks is lovely, especially when combo'd with Bombardment at 7 (two more additional AA's with increased range.) Wrath's bonus damage at 200 stacks will also combo with Bombardment. Just too good.
Reduce the Mana cost of Summon Demon Warrior from 25 to 20. Azmodan's Basic Attacks reduce the cooldown of Summon Demon Warrior by 0.75 seconds and Demon Lieutenant by 1.5 seconds.
Keep your troops up. Combos with Bombardment at 7.
After casting Globe of Annihilation, Azmodan's Basic Attacks within the next 4 seconds have an additional 1.5 range and can hit 2 additional targets. Hitting Heroes with Basic Attacks empowered by Bombardment grant 1 Annihilation.
Think by now you get the idea. Will assist you in getting a minion wave cleared/stack easier.
Tide of Sin
Activate to make the next Globe of Annihilation cost no Mana and deal 50% more damage. Usable while Channeling All Shall Burn.
A boring heroic, but efficient. Once fully stacked you simply destroy everything.
Chain of Command
The cooldown of Demon Lieutenants' Demonic Smite is reduced by 2 seconds and they grant 25% increased damage to nearby friendly Minions, Mercenaries, and Azmodan's summoned Demons.
Push waves harder while team fighting.
Total Annihilation
Globe of Annihilation damages Heroes for an additional 4% of their maximum Health.
5% damage now, this additional damage is great. Don't wanna pass up.
After gaining 400 Annihilation, the area of Globe of Annihilation is increased by 15% and it deals 100 additional damage.
Destroy even harder, just make sure you're completely stacked by 20 and you're good to go.
New Season - 7/10/18
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Having a ton of fun with this build, thanks Alex!