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Last Edited December 1, 2020

New build acorrding recente patchs

This build was made by L5Nomblesse in his stream. I believe this is the most viable build. On maps like BoE it's interesting to get '' Amatteur Opponent '' on level 1 and '' Triple Strike '' on level 13 to complete the objective
Seasoned Marksman
Quest: Every Minion killed near you grants 0.2 Attack Damage, and Takedowns grant 0.5 Attack Damage. Reward: Upon gaining 40 bonus Attack Damage, you can also activate Seasoned Marksman to increase your Attack Speed by 40% for 3 seconds. 60 second cooldown.
Psionic Synergy
Hitting an enemy Hero with Phase Prism grants Artanis 30 Armor for 3 seconds.
Follow Through
After using an ability, your next Basic Attack within 6 seconds deals 40% additional damage.
Suppression Pulse
Fire a large area pulse from the Spear of Adun, dealing 114 damage and Blinding enemies for 4 seconds. Unlimited range.
Graviton Vortex
Reduce the Mana cost of Phase Prism by 25. Hitting an enemy Hero with Basic Attacks or Blade Dash lowers the cooldown of Phase Prism by 1.75 seconds.
Zealot Charge
Increase Twin Blades' charge distance by 100%.
Force of Will
Casting Basic Abilities reduces the cooldown of Shield Overload by 5 seconds.
Balance Patch - 3/14/17
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