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Created August 19, 2019

Supportive Build

A Xul build I like to run that is sort of akin to a support hero in that it focuses mainly on providing crowd control, powerful debuffs to enemy heroes, and enabling teammates to kill enemy heroes.

It is a more passive playstyle that is less about Xul being a tanky, damage dealing bruiser, and more about carefully creating opportunities for your damage dealers to get value, by weakening the enemies and serving them to your teammates on a golden platter.

This is a late game build that takes a while to come online, but can become pretty dangerous by level 16-20 as the major powerspikes begin to happen.
When Bone Armor expires, nearby enemy Heroes take damage equal to 12% of their maximum Health.
While Backlash tends to be the best shield talent, the other two options are acceptable if they are going to gain strong value with the allied or enemy team compositions.
Reaper's Toll
Quest: Hit 16 Heroes with Spectral Scythe. Reward: Reduce the cooldown of Spectral Scythe by 3 seconds and Mana cost by 20.
This talent is specifically intended to pay off in the lategame. Don't expect to finish the quest quickly, as it can be a slow one to stack. The true value of this mana and cooldown reduction lies in the synergy of the scythe talents.
Increase the Attack Speed reduction of Cursed Strikes by 35% and the duration by 1 second.
Harvest Vitality is easily a preferable choice if Weaken is not going to get value into the enemy team comp.

Otherwise Weaken is suitable for the general purpose of this build, providing various debuffs to enemy heroes while setting up the team to eliminate enemy heroes.
Skeletal Mages
Summon 4 Frost Mages in a line that attack nearby enemies for 47 damage and slow them by 30% for 2 seconds. Lasts up to 15 seconds
Skeletal Mages is meant to provide some extra lockdown and engage potential for your teammates to exploit. It also helps set up more roots and scythes, while providing some zone control.
Echoes of Death
After an additional 1.5 seconds, 2 more Spectral Scythes appear next to the first and travel back to Xul dealing 60% damage.
At this point Xul's scythes start to become more of a consistent damage tool, while making the quest much easier to complete. This talent truly comes online by level 20, going from a damaging ability to a lethal debuff.
Amplify Damage
Enemies rooted by Bone Prision become Vunerable for 1.75 seconds, taking 25% increased damage.
This is one of the big powerspikes in the build, at this point enemies should be in far greater danger when Xul drops roots for his team to follow up. Part of the power in this talent comes from the way it complements Mortal Wound at level 20.
Mortal Wound
Enemies hit by Spectral Scythe receive 75% less healing for 4 seconds.
This is where Xul finally becomes an unexpected nightmare for the enemy team. The Scythe talents now pay off heavily, as Xul is able to constantly throw down enormous anti heals on multiple targets, with a ton of uptime.

All of Xul's debuffs at this point make it incredibly hard for the enemy team to withstand the incoming damage as they take 25% increased damage and receive 75% reduced healing. He is now a beast when it comes to securing kills for the team.
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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