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Created January 12, 2019

W Build Falstad

This build trades off some raw damage from the auto-attack and Q builds in exchange for more safety and range. It focuses on single target damage and the range of the Lightning Rod ability allows for better backline damage.
Lower the cooldown of Lightning Rod by 3 seconds. Enemy Minions killed near you grant a stack of Bribe. Use 20 stacks to bribe a Mercenary, instantly defeating them and permanently increasing the damage of Lightning Rod by 5%. Does not work on Bosses. Maximum of 80 stacks.
Wingman is the talent that best supplements this build, by reducing the W ability cooldown, and increasing its damage with quest stacks. The Bribe stacks provided are also useful for fast camp taking. It's important to remember to use the Bribe stacks in order to get the W damage increase.
Static Shield
Gain a Shield equal to 4% of your maximum Health after every Lightning Rod strike. Lasts 4 seconds and stacks.
Static Shield works with this build best, as it triggers at a further range than Hammer Gains and synergizes with the increased range talent at level 7.
Charged Up
Increases the number of Lightning Rod strikes by 2 and its range by 25%.
While BOOMerang is the best waveclear/AOE option, the increased range provided by Charged Up allows Falstad to better harass the enemy backline, and the additional strikes provides more single-target damage output.
Hinterland Blast
After a short delay, deal 475 damage to enemies within a long line. Cooldown is reduced by 25 seconds for every enemy Hero hit.
Hinterland Blast is a good finishing ability with a long range. Pick Mighty Gust instead if a more defensive option is needed (also useful for boss points).
Lightning Rod deals 20% more damage each subsequent strike.
Thunderstrikes increases the damage of your W ability, which is your main source of damage.
Aerie Gusts
Reduces the activation time for Tailwind from 6 to 3 seconds, and increase the Movement Speed bonus from 15% to 25%.
All three talents have their place. However, Aerie Gusts can come in handy for rotations and team fight positioning.
Nexus Frenzy
Increases Attack Speed by 20% and Attack Range by 20%.
Increasing the range and speed of autoattacks allows for additional safe damage. Epic mount is a fine alternative if the Flight global ability is needed more frequently. The two ultimate upgrades are very situational.
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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