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Created April 9, 2017

Tassadar is underrated - GM, Former Tass 1-Trick


Hey! I'm Mochrie, and I mained Tassadar for a few years and spent approx. 1.5 years as the #1 Tassadar main on NA Hotslogs. I also currently main Tracer with an overall ~73% winrate over 1000+ Tracer games, with many of those being alongside Tassadar, so I know what a carry is looking for out of their floaty protoss friend. I made this page in an effort to show people why I think Tassadar is actually a lot better than people give him credit for! 

A few overall notes that can improve your Tassadar play:

* Remember that a Tass pick allows you to compensate for poor overall wave-clear within your team with his Psionic Storm.

* He is *not* a solo support!

* Your job is to be safe and enable your team. Oftentimes great Tassadars stand waaay in the back and utilize their cross-screen ability range. Too many Tassadars get out of position by playing far up and then go squish because they barely have any health.

* Draft Tass with a carry you're specifically looking to enable, e.g. Tracer, Hanzo

* A typical draft has 2 DPS, 1 Tank, 1 Solo-Laner, 1 Healer. Tassadar + your carry take these two DPS slots, meaning that you typically should not pick Tassadar alongside two DPS heroes.
Quest: Gain 1 Mana for every Non-Structure enemy hit by Psionic Storm. Reward: After hitting 500 enemies, increase the size of Psionic Storm by 20%. Reward: After hitting 1000 enemies, increase the damage of Psionic Storm by 20%.
Psi-Infusion is the way to go here. You don’t have the health pool (read: you have 7 more health than Tracer!!) to get consistent Templar’s Will value. Khaydarin Resonance won’t always get value (enemy team needs to break entire shield for it to be worth, and even then it might not save the target because it doesn’t actually give much bonus shield), whereas Psi-Infusion is guaranteed value. It doesn’t provide the late-game damage boost of Psi-Infusion + Psionic Echo.
Khala's Embrace
Increases the Life Steal of your Plasma Shield to 75%.
Situational; all can be viable. Khala's Embrace is the choice for Tracer (unless you also have a Malfurion, one of the best Tracer supports in the game, and are against heavy burst, then go Khala's Light). Khala's Light is the best with most other heroes, and Khala's Celerity can be great on heroes that don't already have other speed boosts (which would conflict with the movement speed bonus and refuse to stack together).
Psionic Projection
Increases the range of your Plasma Shield and Psionic Storm abilities by 40%.
Psionic Projection every time. It allows you to play completely safely while still getting full value from your arsenal. The other options simply don’t come close.
Force Wall
Create a wall that blocks all units from moving through it for 2 seconds.
A lot of people misunderstand this tier. I’ve seen plenty of people say that you should take Force Wall literally every single game, and that is definitely not the case. If your team is very low on damage (which is not uncommon in a Tassadar comp in the current meta, as you’ll often have a main tank, tank offlaner, and a Tassadar for second support, leaving you with one lone damage-dealer), you’ll want Archon. Archon also helps with survivability in the face of extreme aggression, and provides Tassadar with a form of self-sustain in fights (shielding yourself to lifesteal up will hardly do anything with Tassadar’s non-Archon tickle-beam). Archon is also good for following up on very aggressive engages, but not as much as it used to be (back when Templar’s Will gave Archon Basic Attacks +1 range). Finally, Archon is very helpful for focusing down particularly squishy targets on the enemy team who revolve around not taking too much damage, or punishing healers that are unable to save certain targets. For example, I find Archon particularly helpful versus Tracers, because you can easily zone them out in teamfights + will *always* have Dimensional Shift available to avoid Pulse Bomb’s damage on yourself. Outside of that, feel free to go Force Wall! It’s a great ability, but each of Tassadar’s level 10 talents has its place.
Activate to reduce target Hero's damage by 75% for 4 seconds.
Nullification is absolutely INSANE. Your other options on this tier are kinda good, but Nullification wins you games. It effectively deletes the opposing carry for 4 straight seconds, only amplifying your ability to keep your team alive. Your Tracer won’t have as many issues getting zoned out if their carry is only doing one quarter of his full damage. You’ll save your team from getting wombo’d by Kel’thuzad. Use this correctly, and it’s one of the biggest level 13 talents in the game.
Psionic Echo
After casting Psionic Storm, you may cast Psionic Storm again for free within 2 seconds. The damage does not stack.
Psionic Echo in the vast majority of games. A big thing that a lot of people don’t realize about this talent: Psionic Storm damage stacks carry over from the first Storm to the second, meaning that your second Storm will absolutely NUKE targets in teamfights. Combined with Psi-Infusion’s greater radius and damage and Psionic Projection’s cast range increase, this amounts to a ridiculous teamfight DPS boost. Remember to wait as long as possible to cast your second Psionic Storm (targets can only be effected by one Psionic Storm at a time)!

The only time I'd ever go another option is probably versus a Garrosh with a heavy auto-attacking presence on my team, in which case I would opt for Phase Disruption. Armor reduction is worth more the more armor your opponents have (see this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1zUqqP7SBY), so reducing Garrosh's physical armor is highly effective in making him an easy kill target. But again, that's probably the one, lone situation I would choose anything other than Psionic Echo.
Force Barrier
Force Wall range increased by 50%, duration by 1 second, and cooldown reduced to 5 seconds.
The vast majority of the time, this is your ult upgrade. Both ult upgrades are absolutely game-winning. With Force Barrier, you can dial your team’s aggression or defensiveness to the exact amount you want, and split teamfights at will. With Twilight Archon, you’re a hypercarry with insane siege and damage for the rest of the game. The only time I take a different talent is when the game is in a do-or-die situation (such as a final core rush) and Archon is still on cooldown. In the situation of a desperate final fight, Shield Battery is actually quite useful for your team. As for Prismatic Link, it should never be picked.
Balance Patch - 4/4/17
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