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Created January 15, 2020

Single-Target Burst Valla (Q build)





This build is oriented toward dealing the most single-target burst damage possible. It has strengths over the other two prominent Valla builds (Hypercarry and Death Dealer) in its independence from Hatred stacks and amount of burst damage.
Hot Pursuit
When at 10 stacks of Hatred, the Movement Speed bonus increases to 20% total and you gain 4 Mana per second.
Hot Pursuit will do more for you in teamfights (both return mana, Hot Pursuit gives movement speed as well).

Take Puncturing Arrow for immortal race on Battlefield of Eternity and boosts to your mercenary camp clear.
Puncturing Arrow
Quest: Hitting an enemy Hero with the initial impact of Hungering Arrow increases its damage by 5, up to a maximum of 100. Reward: After gaining 100 bonus damage, gain an additional 75 bonus damage and Hungering Arrow also bounces 1 additional time.
Repeating Arrow
The cooldown for Hungering Arrow is reset when Vault is used.
Ideal combo at this point: AA -> Q -> W -> E -> Q -> AA. This can instantly delete about half the roster at this point, and your kill potential only gets better down the line.
Rapidly attack nearby visible enemies for 60 damage (+4% per level) per hit, prioritizing heroes over minions. Valla is able to move and use Vault while strafing. Lasts for 4 seconds.
Strafe: More overall DPS (including single target, if you keep them as your closest enemy for the entire duration), retains Hatred stacks.

Rain: Safety/peel, interrupts, burst.
Siphoning Arrow
You heal for 75% of the damage dealt to Heroes by Hungering Arrow.
Gloom if you're worried about getting deleted by big burst, otherwise Siphoning Arrow.
Seething Hatred
While at 10 stacks of Hatred, gain 15% Spell Power. Basic Attacks now grant 2 stacks of Hatred.
Farflight Quiver
Increases your Basic Attack range by 40%.
Balance Patch - 11/12/19
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