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Created October 13, 2019

Mochrie's Post-Rework Junkrat Build (patch 2.48)

With Junkrat's rework, newfound emphasis has been placed on his auto-attacking (including weaving Grenade Launcher and Basic Attacks together), and many new talent choices are available.

Junkrat rework patch notes: https://heroespatchnotes.com/hero/junkrat.html#patch2019-09-24

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Blow 'Em Up!
Hitting an enemy Hero with Concussion Mine or Steel Trap causes Junkrat to deal 25% more damage with Basic Attacks and Basic Abilities for 6 seconds.
Even though Tricky Shuffles was both arguably buffed and moved from level 7 to 1, it's still competing with Blow 'Em Up!, which provides for huge damage in teamfights.

Extra-Wound Timers is interesting, but ultimately less overall damage than Blow 'Em Up and not as consistent as you'd like.

Blow 'Em Up heavily synergizes with later parts of the build, and gives a ridiculous amount of +dmg.
Hitting an enemy Hero with Concussion Mine reduces its cooldown by 9 seconds.
Taste for Explosions has been HARD nerfed into irrelevance. .2% is an increase of 1/500th per stack. The new Taste for Explosions is outperformed by the old one all the way until level 19 or so. Not worth.

BOOM POW is HUGE cooldown reduction, and can allow you to make constant plays with Junkrat. Peel, camp control, pushing enemies into your backline, etcetera. This ability does it all, and provides more triggers for Blow 'Em Up!'s extra damage.

Chattering Teeth can be strong with other talents that synergize with Steel Trap, but I have a tendency to not pick those talents anyway, so it's off the table as a standalone. If you do decide to pick it, know this: this talent basically makes your trap take up an entire bush/halllway. Players often can't comfortably walk around a Chattering Teeth trap in the middle of a walkway, making this talent quite effective at cutting off flanks and rotations.
Bogged Down
Enemies launched by Concussion Mine are Slowed by 40% for 2.5 seconds upon landing.
Bogged Down is nice for helping to confirm kills off of Concussion Mine. Even if you don't push an enemy into the exact right position, this will still often give your team time to follow-up wherever they land.

Of the two Steel Trap talents on this tier, Sticky Wicket is my choice. Big As helps a kill that your team is already trying to get, whereas Sticky Wicket can initiate kill opportunities on its own + is a great CC chain tool (e.g. put it right on top of an Anub'arak Cocoon to instantly catch an opponent!). Definitely a strong choice if you've got specific synergy with it.

I like Dirty Trickster as a response to when I know teams will get right up in my face, as an attempt to self-peel or at least respond with some damage as I go down.
Create a motorized bomb with 530 Health that lasts 15 seconds. While active, Junkrat is immobile but gains control of RIP-Tire's movement. RIP-Tire can be reactivated to detonate immediately, knocking nearby enemies back and dealing 775 damage to enemies near the center gradually reduced to 475 to enemies on the edge.
RIP-Tire every game. Rocket Ride is just too inconsistent + takes you out of the fight.

I could see potential for Rocket Ride if the enemy team has incredibly hard dive that'll just instagib you every fight but I haven't explored that area enough to truly evaluate it. As it stands, I've never felt bad about going RIP-Tire.
Bombs Away
Increase Junkrat's Basic Attack range by 1. Frag Launcher grenades fired within 0.5 seconds of using a Basic Attack deal 25% bonus damage.
Bombs Away is actually just NUTS. Attacking from 6.5 range to gives your Grenade Launcher +25% damage is off-the-charts stupid, and synergizes very heavily with your 16 talent tier.

Ripper Air is nice if you need need NEED to double soak, but I wouldn't take it as the default anymore. Bombs Away is just that good.

If you went for a build focusing on Steel Trap, you gotta take Gotta Trap 'Em All!. This is the main reason I don't like the Steel Trap build: you're missing out on such an amazing 13 in Bombs Away.
Spread Volley
Activate to make Frag Launcher fire 2 additional grenades in a spread. Works for up to 4 total charges, or until Frag Launcher runs out of charges.
Spread Volley is my 16 of choice in most games. The amount of burst damage you can pull off with this ability is bonkers. This gives you excellent counter-engage and close-range fighting through the sheer and raw power of just putting out unreasonable amounts of damage. Enemy teams trying to engage on your allies will quickly feel the wrath of 12 Grenades w/ 50% additional damage (Blow 'Em Up + Bombs Away). You will be much harder to dive, you will follow up on burst much better, and enemies will have a very hard time engaging on your team.

Burst Fire remains the "I am not good at Junkrat" option, which is perfectly valid to say if you honestly AREN'T GOOD AT JUNKRAT. It's a "take and forget" talent that simplifies your playstyle immensely.

Endless Nades can provide a lot of extra damage over time, but IMO doesn't win out vs Spread Volley in any scenario EXCEPT one where you are poking for extremely long periods of time, or possibly defending against a player-controlled Vehicle from which you can chain infinite resets (Triglav Protector on Volskaya Foundry, Dragon Knight on Dragon Shire). Even in those scenarios, I would still strongly consider Spread Volley.
Increase the radius and explosion radius of grenades from Basic Attacks and Frag Launcher by 50%.
Cannonball! is just too good. This entire build has been building up to hitting fat Q's all over the place for huge damage in-between making plays with Concussion Mine, and Cannonball! represents the ultimate finisher to this sequence. Massive synergy.

I Hate Waiting! just isn't worth lmao. You often want to mount more than 12 seconds apart + you're often grouping up once you hit 20 anyway. I could see this as a last-minute desperation pick if you NEED to clear the base and then hightail it on outta there to your team across the map (making this a pseudo-global), otherwise you're just missing out on some great teamfight boosts.
Puckish Scamp requires picking Rocket Ride, so that's an automatic no in the vast majority of situations. Honestly, it's still possibly not even the choice then.

Extra-Oomph DID receive a buff last patch for big CDR (you now only need to hit 3 heroes instead of 4 for a full reset), and it may even be a somewhat decent option, but it has anti-synergy within itself. You want to keep hitting clumps of heroes over and over, yet this very same ability spreads the enemy out (unless they're against a wall or something). The consistently effective choice is still Cannonball!.
Balance Patch - 08/28/19
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