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Last Edited May 11, 2020

Independent Tracer - Grandmaster Tracer Main





Hey! I'm Mochrie, a Grandmaster Tracer main. I recently made a youtube video detailing my thoughts on the new Tracer rework, which you can find here:


This build includes my recommended build from the video, which most players will find to work best for them in typical gameplay. This build offers a high degree of independence and ease of use.

I also recommend a Hypercarry build and a Sticky Bomb Setup build, for various niche applications.
One-Two Punch
Lower the cooldown of Melee by 1 second. It gains an additional charge with a 2 second cooldown between casts.
One-Two Punch is the best early-game + easiest to use + has strong late-game synergy.
Pulse Generator
Sticking a Hero with Pulse Bomb regenerates 25% of max HP over 1.5 seconds and refunds a charge of Blink.
Pulse Generator is a must-pick after Bullet Time (Blink CDR on Basic Attacks) was removed in Tracer's rework.
Locked and Loaded
Reactivate Reload within the last 50% of its cast time to increase your Basic Attack damage by 40% for that magazine.
I'm not quite sure which is optimal between Sleight of Hand and Locked and Loaded. SoH offers more bomb charge, L&L offers more DPS.
Pulse Rounds
Increases Pulse Bomb's range and charge rate from Basic Attacks against Heroes by 150%.
Pulse Rounds heavily synergizes with Pulse Generator, giving you lots of extra self-sustain and mobility.
After using Blink, Tracer’s Movement Speed is increased by 20% for 2 seconds.
Jumper if no kills are happening. It'll give you more consistent output in high-discipline/low-death games.
W reduces hero armor by 15 for 4 seconds.
Heavy Handed has huge synergy with One-Two Punch (1), and applies the armor reduction before the damage, beefing up your burst. This also makes your Get Stuffed! (20) combo much more threatening.
Get Stuffed!
Increase Melee’s Pulse Bomb generation against Heroes from 12% to 24%. Hitting a Hero with Melee while they have a Pulse Bomb attached causes it to explode instantly and knock them away.
Get Stuffed! remains insane for having a multitude of uses, such as often just making your burst impossible to avoid. Add in extra bomb charge and some synergy with One-Two Punch (1) and Heavy-Handed (16), and this is the no-brainer choice.
New Season - 7/10/18
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