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Created March 28, 2017

#1 Tassadar Build (Outdated)

Hey! I'm Mochrie, the #1 Tassadar main on NA Hotslogs. This guide covers how I build Tassadar and adapt to certain circumstances. To see this build and others in action, check out twitch.tv/mochrie1713.
Templar’s Will
Quest: Attacking enemy Heroes restores 8 Mana per second Quest Reward: After slowing Heroes for 30 seconds, increase your Distortion Beam damage by 125%. Quest Reward: After slowing Heroes for 60 seconds, increase your Basic Attack range by an additional 20%
Templar's Will on most maps, Psi-Infusion on Braxis Holdout, Tomb of the Spider Queen, and Infernal Shrines.
Khala’s Celerity
Plasma Shield grants 20% Movement Speed for 4 seconds.
Khala's Embrace if your team has lots of AA (including yourself if you're going Archon), Khala's Celerity otherwise.
Mental Acuity
Quest: Each takedown lowers the cooldown of Oracle by 3 seconds, to a max of 15 seconds Quest Reward: Upon reaching 15 seconds of cooldown reduction, increase the sight range of Oracle by 50%
Mental Acuity every time. This is why Tassadar is so busted at the moment.
Force Wall
Create a wall that blocks all units from moving through it for 2 seconds.
I typically go Force Wall most games, but I wouldn't recommend the same for most players. For most Tassadars, Archon will give the most value. If you are very confident in your ability to land good walls and your team to have enough damage without Archon, go Force Wall. Otherwise, go Archon.
Adun's Wisdom
While Oracle is active, your Basic Abilities cooldown 75% faster.
Adun's Wisdom every time. This has heavy synergy with Mental Acuity at 7 and the Psionic Storm talents at 16.
Phase Disruption
Enemies affected by Psionic Storm have their Physical Armor reduced by 35.
If your team's damage relies heavily on AA, go Phase Disruption. If not, check the next line.

If you took Psi-Infusion, go Psionic Echo. If not, check the next line.

If you took Force Wall, take Focused Beam. If not, check the next line.

Take Phase Disruption and use it to buff your Archon attacks.

Force Barrier
Force Wall range increased by 50%, duration by 1 second, and cooldown reduced to 5 seconds.
I usually upgrade my Heroic, no matter which one I took. I've been experimenting with Templar's Will (1), Force Wall (10), Focused Beam (16) and Prismatic Link (20) for triple-Giant Killer hits, but overall I haven't been amazed by it.
Balance Patch - 3/14/17
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This was a great read. Love the insight into Tass. He was one of my first "Master" heroes. I've been playing around with his build since his change but hadn't played him much since then. I'll have to check this out soon and I'll let you know what I think!
Thanks KatowJo! I'm currently working on some Tassadar videos, and one that will go more in-depth on my build is on the way (but not my #1 priority at the moment). I'm glad you liked it :)
I'm always hesitant to take Templar's Will since it doesn't seem to help Archon Mode. Once you hit 20 (which low-mid level games usually do) and have perma-Archon it loses even more value.

Can you convince me that it's worth it? This is my favorite of the 3 quests to complete so I would like to start using it more if I understood it better.
Dredrick I'd say that the value could drop off if you take that 20, but I think the control and power it's going to give you over the team fights can help you get to 20 faster than your opponents. Additionally, I don't always take the Archon upgrade as I enjoy the Prismatic link for team fights where the enemies get bunched up and Storm Shield when we need the extra sustainability, and Archon upgrade when we need another direct bully. So I've been taking this Lvl 1 with those thoughts in mind. What do think about that?
KatowJo Okay, I think I get it now. Watching some of Mochrie's Twitch VoDs and did some more testing in Try mode.

You don't get any extra damage from Templar's Will as an Archon, but you DO still get the +1 range, something that I thought I had tested before but I now see I was mistaken. That's pretty big on it's own.

Aside from that, it seems like it is mostly about the early Power Spike. At level 4 your damage with the quest jumps up from 12x4 damage per second to 29x4.

Looking at how Tassadar fits into team compositions, you need him to be able to do decent damage early on since he's not a primary support, so waiting around for 500 stacks of Psi Infusion could be problematic, especially on some maps where your team is going to nuke down all the waves and you won't be able to get stacks on it very quickly anyways.

Thanks for talking it through with me KatowJo.
Glad you tested it, because I didn't think you got the range boost either. Makes me want to take Archon upgrade bit more often, lol.
Just woke up and seeing this now, but yes, that is correct Dred and Katow.. Templar's Will + Archon is absolutely massive, in that you have the freedom to hit the enemy backline whenever you want. Against certain heroes whose entire gameplan is "don't get hit by the enemy team" (Chromie, Lucio, Kael'thas), this is insanely effective. This is a combo I'm mostly searching for when I'm in a dive comp, such as with Greymane, Muradin, Tyrael. The range and damage allow you to follow up on dive very well, whereas Force Wall isn't as useful in that situation since it provides the *setup* for going in on the enemy team, which is already taken care of in a dive comp.
Dredrick Also, I usually took Psi-Infusion on Tomb, Shrines, and Braxis, but the recent shield changes have me considering Khaydarin Resonance. I've been trying it out but don't have a solid conclusion yet. Will report back later.