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Created December 3, 2019

Fenix - Default

Mobile Offensive
After moving, Fenix's next Basic Attack deals 35% more damage to Heroes.
Emergency Protocol
When Shield Capacitor's Shield becomes depleted, gain 25% Movement Speed for 5 seconds.
Target Acquired if you want to chase more
Divert Power: Weapons
Activate to gain 40% Basic Attack damage for 5 seconds. Basic Attacking a Hero refreshes this duration. Once Divert Power: Weapons ends, drain all of Shield Capacitor's Shields.
Purification Salvo
Channel for 1.5 seconds, sweeping a laser in front of Fenix that locks onto enemy Heroes. Once Channeling finishes, fire 5 missiles at each locked Hero, dealing 86 damage each. Deals 50% increased damage to Slowed targets.
- Use Plasma Cutter to slow them before you cast Purification Salvo
- Can take Planet Cracker if you have an ally who can set you up
Auxiliary Shields
Permanently reduce Fenix's maximum Health by 30%, but increase Shield Capacitor's Shield by 40%. Basic Attacks regenerate Shields equal to 10% of the damage dealt.
Photonic Weaponry
Fenix deals 15% more damage while he has a Shield from Shield Capacitor.
Singularity Charge
Repeater Cannon grants 100% more Attack Speed and Phase Bomb grants 1 more range.
Balance Patch - 11/12/19
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