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Created May 13, 2019

Anduin 1st build look

Bold Strategy
Anduin gains his other level 1 talents, but Flash Heal's cooldown is increased by 2 second.
1 second more CD... I mean why not?
Inner Fire
Increases Attack Speed by 20% and Basic Attack range by 15%.
Inner fire empowers RENEW and Pursued by Grace @ level 1.
Binding Heal
Casting Flash Heal on an ally heals Anduin for 104.
Your Q is slower, so getting more value out of casting and not having to hit yourself with a heal... seems good.
Holy Word: Salvation
After 0.5 seconds, Channel to invoke the Light for 3 seconds. While nearby, allied Heroes heal for up to 25% of their max Health and are Protected.
Depends on the situation... both good.
Push Forward!
Damaging an enemy Hero grants 2.5% Movement Speed for 6 seconds, up to 20%.
Pretty much constant movement speed buff here...
Evenhanded Blessings
If Flash Heal is cast on a different target from its last, refund 50% of its cooldown.
The CDR is big boost in throughput
Desperate Prayer
Activate to desperately heal an allied Hero for 540, but kneel for 2 seconds, unable to act. Using Desperate Prayer places Flash Heal on a 10 second cooldown.
Desperate Prayer is probably not the way to go.... but it's fun :)
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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