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Created January 14, 2021

My standard (+ARAM) Build [Duny]

Malfurtion is in my opinion one of the most underratet Heals in the game. I like him a lot. But his weaknis is he has not a real burst heal for safing teammates. Thats why he dont geht pick a lot. But if you know how he work you can play around that issue.


I unterstand the idea of having most Damage as team, so some say heal also should go for Damage. If i play a role like Heal i want the fill the role as much as possible. So i think heal should go more heal instead of Damage. A Heal heroe do with Damage talents like 10-20% more Damage. In a game it like 10-20k more Damage. On the otherside if you go for more heal and heal same more % like damage you get like 20-40k heal. As long your Damage Teammates can be alive, he can do more Damage then you with your Damage Talents.
Malfurion gains 100% base health regeneration for every active regrowth.
If you dont need to Q youself you can focus more on our Teammates. In Combination with Level 16 Talent "Ysera's Gift" is this a good Talent.
Strangling Vines
Enemy Heroes Rooted by Entangling Roots receive 40% less healing from all sources for 3 seconds.
The Quest from "Vegeful Roots" has a good Value. But if you can follow up with your E the Talent "Strangling Vines" secure easy a kill. Escacilly against double heal Team
Wild Growth
Each Hero Hit by Moonfire extends the duration of currently active Regrowths by 1 second.
"Nature's Cure" can safe a lot of player. But it depend on enemy Team and CC. I dont like it much because you dont have it als pre Cleans and you need have a Q on the Teammates. I like more to have a longer Q on Teammates to heal more.
Heal nearby allied Heroes for 80 Health per second for 8 seconds. Allies affected by Regrowth within Tranquility's area gain 10 Armor.
"Twillight Deam" is a good weapon against a diving enemy Team. But if i play heal i wont more heal. So i can safe me teammates with "Tranquility" also 10% less damage for every Teammates is a lot
Using Innvervate also grants Malfurion 50 Mana and causes his Basic Ability coodlowns to refresh 50% faster for 5 seconds.
"Revitalize" is a underratet Talent. You get CDR and Mana. In longer and later Teamfights your Team dont have mana issues. Also yourself. The movement speed with "Nature's Switfness" is also good. But i think with your E can you safe yourself bit easy against enemy Heroes also with normal movement speed
Ysera's Gift
While above 75% Health, Regrowth's additional healing-over-time is increased by 60%.
You heal yourself with the Level 1 Talent "Rejuvenation" most of the time. So normale you are above 75% HP. That means you get a good over time healing and increaseing your overtime healing.
Regrowth instantly heals its target for 10% of their missing Health.
I like "Serenity" a lot. Because of CDR and more healing. But Malf has not realy a good burst Heal. With the Talent "Lifebloom" you can spam it on the focus target too safe it. Its just way too good. Always see with this Talent your Team win nearly every lategame teamfight
Balance Patch - 11/4/2020
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