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Last Edited January 15, 2020

REWORK Xul New Build

This is my personal Xul build which I pick in 100% of my games (I literally never change a talent). With this build you want to try to utilize your Root as much as possible and spam your triple Scythes coupled with Bonespear (kind of a mage playstyle). Flanking while dropping Skeleton Mages in the middle of their team is also highly recommended to make up for Xul's only weakneass (weak Teamfights). 

When Bone Armor expires, nearby enemy Heroes take damage equal to 12% of their maximum Health.
Cause 2 Skeletons to spawn when you cast Bone Prison. These do not count toward the maximum limit of Skeletons you can own. Quest: Spawn Skeletal Warriors. Reward: After spawning 80 Skeletons, when Skeletal Warriors fixate on an enemy from Bone Prison they gain 50% Movement and Attack Speed.
Trag'Oul's Essence
Skeleton Basic Attacks restore 0.5% Health and 0.2% Mana.
Skeletal Mages
Summon 4 Frost Mages in a line that attack nearby enemies for 47 damage and slow them by 30% for 2 seconds. Lasts up to 15 seconds
Echoes of Death
After an additional 1.5 seconds, 2 more Spectral Scythes appear next to the first and travel back to Xul dealing 60% damage.
Bone Spear
Deal 230 damage to enemies in a line.
Cold Hand of Death
Skeletal Warriors become Frost Skeletons. Every 5th Spectral Scythe that hits enemy Heroes spawns a Frost Mage instead of a Skeletal Warrior at their location.
Balance Patch - 5/31/17
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