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Created February 22, 2019

Standard Raynor build w/ commentary

*shk* “This is Jimmy!” *shk*

Jim Raynor is the first Hero in Heroes of the Storm that most players ever play. He’s in the tutorial, and it’s no coincidence that for most of HOTS’ early years, he was pretty basic. He had his Q pushback, he had his W passive self+nearby ally AA speed increase, his E was essentially a passive heal when his hp dipped below 25%, his ults were pretty meh, his trait was just AA range and his talents were pretty much all passives too.  A very passive auto-attacking hero, not much interaction.

However in June 2018, Blizzard finally reworked the hero, trying to add more interactivity to his play. If you haven’t played Raynor since then, here’s a brief summary of his base kit changes:

* He now has a trait! Every 4th auto attack triggers “Give ‘em some Pepper” which adds 25% additional AA damage to the targeted enemy and splashes to nearby enemies for a smaller value.

* His Q now also slows all enemies affected by the knockback/damage by 20% for 2 seconds.

* His W now instantly resets his AA cooldown, meaning if you cast W RIGHT after you auto, you will auto again immediately. It also grants Raynor 10% move speed bonus. Also, it no longer affects allied hero AA speed unless you talent for it at 13 (don’t).

* His E is now an ability you can activate. It will no longer auto-trigger at 25% HP. Also, it has battle momentum passively built in, meaning every time you auto, your E cooldown goes down by 0.5 sec (or 1 sec if you auto a hero)

* His Raider ult is now a permanent flying pet that you can micro with R. But it’s kinda awkward..

* His talents are completely reworked and are pretty interesting now

All of these changes and a number of his talents (listed below with talent commentary) have really changed his playstyle. His cooldowns matter, he has combos with his abilities, he’s quite a force to be reckoned with now!
Ace In The Hole
Deal 15% more damage to Stunned or Slowed enemy Heroes.
Generally, Ace in the Hole is your best bet here, even if you don’t have other slows/stuns on your team. This is because the level 7 talent Unstable Compound that adds a slow, along with your Q, means you can get value from Ace in the Hole even by yourself; if your teammates can add some CC to targets, that’s just icing on the cake. The Trait quest Veteran Marksman is “fun” because of dings, the minigame of making sure you hit heroes with every 4th shot, and the fact that it scales forever, but I’m pretty sure you’ll do much more damage over time with AitH, and pros (rip) tend to agree. Also note, this bonus damage is not limited to your AA's!
Fight or Flight
Reduce Adrenaline Rush's cooldown by 10 seconds. Casting Adrenaline Rush grants 25 Armor for 3 seconds,
The armor and CD reduction from Fight or Flight is just immensely helpful for Raynor’s survivability. Now you can use E in preparation of big incoming damage. Note that you cannot proc your E if you are at 100% HP, but there isn’t much that will completely 1-shot Jimmy from 100 to 0. Behemoth Armor quest talent here at 4 is … I guess kind of fun but again doesn’t really add as much value as having E up more frequently and especially the 25 armor you get with Fight or Flight.
Unstable Compound
Increase the area of Give 'Em Some Pepper by 15%, and enemies hit by it are Slowed by 10% for 2.5 seconds.
Far and away the best talent at 7, Unstable Compound really power spikes Jimmy, as you now get a slow for free every 4th AA. The slow lasts for 2 seconds which means with your W up you can get a good number of autos off on a hero who is slowed by your trait, which will equate to a lot of bonus damage from Ace in the Hole (lvl 1) while also reducing incoming threat (due to the slow) and making it easier to chase. This talent is really where Jimmy becomes a beast.
Order the Hyperion to make a strafing run for 12 seconds, hitting up to 4 enemies for 66 damage every second. Every 4 seconds, it can fire its Yamato Cannon at a Structure, dealing 794 damage.
There are certainly situations where advanced Raynor players (used to make me chuckle seeing someone say that line) can get good value from the scouting and channel-interrupt features of Raynor's Raiders, but quite frankly I think the micro mechanics for the Raider are spotty at best. There's no leash indicator for it, it's sort of unclear where it will fly and what it will reveal given where you direct it with your mouse, it's very clunky to follow or move in to attack, can die and be down for 45 sec... I think Hyperion is simpler, easier to use and understand, and thus better for most players. Raynor has a lot going on with his positioning, CD usage, trait usage, I'd recommend Hyperion until you are at least ultra comfortable with Jimmy. Hyperion is still the best ult pick on teamfight heavy maps (Infernal Shrines) and Waveclear/pushing maps (Tomb).
Gain 10% Movement Speed while mounted and unmounted. Inspire grants 8% more Movement Speed.
10% base move speed is very strong when combined with Jimmy's slows (Q + lvl 7), and it goes up to 18% when W is active. The 10% bonus mount speed is also really good. The other two talents are pretty meh, although Debilitating Rounds reducing Q's CD by 3 seconds is somewhat tempting.
Paint Them Red
Increase the damage of Penetrating Round by 50% and heal for 90% of the damage it deals to Heroes.
While Bounty Hunter is enticing (it makes your D an activate as well as giving you additional perks when your trait hits a hero), I think Paint Them Red is overall going to be the best choice. Additional Q damage (50%!) is very nice at any point in a duel/teamfight, makes securing kills easier and can heal you a lot if you're getting focused by tank + anyone else you can hit. Paint Them Red thus increases burst on command, increases survivability, and is all around strong for the Jimster.
Increase Attack Speed by 20%. Basic Attack damage is increased by 25% against targets below 50% Health.
You've got choices on this tier. I think the ult upgrades are both strong, particularly the Hyperion upgrade giving you a 2 sec (!) self cleanse on W. I mean W's CD is only 12 seconds, and you'll be unstoppable for 2 of those every time you use... that's super worth depending on the enemy comp/teamfight. However, if you don't think you'll get value from the unstoppable, Execute is just a big fat damage increase, especially for targets below 50% hp. Note that this also applies to non-players, like Bosses, immortals, punishers, etc. 20% increased attack speed means 20% more trait procs, more slows, more bonus damage from Ace in the Hole, which also stacks with the <50% hp bonus damage here. Both are good options, up to you to choose what you need in the situation.
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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