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Created June 24, 2019

[REWORK] Drunk Panda Duelist Build

This build is designed to easily win the solo lane. Weaving in auto attacks on the same brew soaked target will not only heal you, but also extend breath of fire once used and start to do some serious AA damage at 16. You have the ability to do some meaningful single target sustained damage.
Eye Of The Tiger
Basic Attacks against Brew-soaked enemy Heroes deal 40% more damage and heal Chen for 40% of the damage done.
Accumulating Flame
Increase Ignited damage by 20%. Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes who are Ignited increase its duration by 0.75 seconds.
Brewmaster's Balance
While at or below 50 Brew, gain 20% Movement Speed. While at or above 50 Brew, regenerate an additional 18 Health per second.
Elusive Brawler can be better depending on number of auto-attackers on enemy team or who you are up against in the solo lane.
Wandering Keg
Roll around inside an Unstoppable barrel, with 70% increased Movement Speed and 25 Armor, dealing 59 damage to enemies in the way and knocking them back. Lasts for 5 seconds.
Enough to Share
Fortifying Brew instantly grants Chen a Shield that absorbs 180 damage, and each second grants nearby allied Heroes a Shield that absorbs 140 damage, up to 420.
Instant Shield just seems too good here!
Combo Strikes
Every 3rd Basic Attack against the same target deals 75% bonus damage. While Chen has Shields from Fortifying Brew and for 2 seconds after, he gains 35% Attack Speed.
Untapped Potential
Increase Wandering Keg's Movement Speed bonus from 70% to 125%, and its Armor bonus to 75 for its duration and 3 seconds afterwards.
75 armor is OP especially considering this ability is going to be your major contribution to team-fights with this build.
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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