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Created October 24, 2018

Green GAWD

This is a tanky Thrall build that focuses on keeping you alive as your team pokes until just the right moment. Have patience and choose that moment wisely. This Green GAWD can be unkillable if abilities are timed right as you focus down someone in the enemy backline as long as the enemy has already blown alot of their CC. FYI Thrall can often serve as a second Warrior / peel for your team's backline. Analyze the enemy draft and decide which role you want to play on the battlefield. PS never underestimate this dude's ability to solo camps quickly - especially after 16.
Crash Lightning
Repeatable Quest: Hitting at least 2 Heroes with a single use of Chain Lightning increases the damage of its bounces by 12, up to 360. Reward: After hitting multiple Heroes 30 times, Chain Lightning prioritizes bouncing to Heroes.
Typically not going to want to solo lane if you are stacking CL, but its a better talent overall imo.
Mana Tide
Frostwolf Resilience restores 15 Mana and reduces Basic Ability cooldowns by 0.5 seconds.
Ancestral Wrath
Activate to consume 8 stack of Ancestral Wrath, damaging a target enemy Hero for 15% of their maximum Health over 3 seconds, and healing Thrall for 150% of the damage dealth. Gain 1 stack of Ancestral Wrath every time Frostwolf Resilience activates.
Gosh this ability can surprise some enemy tanks because it is percent damage.
Summon a massive Earthquake that pulses every 2 seconds. Each pulse slows all enemies in the area by 50%, and deals 290 damage to enemy Heroes. Does 3 pulses.
There are times where Sundering is a much better choice. This is situational and all depends on your team comp and how well other ultimates will combo with Earthquake.
Frostwolf's Grace
Frostwolf Resilience can be activated to instantly heal for 150% of its normal amount.
LOVE this little heal that can be popped in sticky moments. FG comboed with Ancestral Wrath is HUGE healing and we aren't even talking about the healing from your passive trait.
Tempest Fury
The final strike of Windfury hits 3 times for 75% normal damage.
A lot of burst here. The best way to use this talent is to hit E... auto attack the enemy once, then throw your W to root, and that guarantees the last two autos hit while they are rooted so you aren't chasing to get that triple hit burst. It's guaranteed.
Wind Rush
Activate to immediately teleport to a target location and gain Windfury.
HUGE playmaking potential here. Blink in and land a game-changing Earthquake! Windfury is also activated so BOOM we are getting max value of that 16 talent.
Balance Patch - 10/16/18
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I like this, look forward to trying this out next time he's free and such, I struggled with my picks on him the last time around and I appreciate your added comments around these talents.