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Last Edited August 9, 2019

A Bloody Good Time! AHhLALALLALA

AHhLALALLALA! *** Xena Warrior Princess Yelling ***

This build is about keeping maximum stacks of blood rage on as many heroes as possible. Later on, you get some some consistant single target dps with the lvl 13 "The Hunted". A general note about Qhira is that D is a fantastic escape! Grapple to a far away wall if things get a little too hairy. With that being said, your D is also a top tier long range engage as well. You usually want to use your E shortly after a grapple hook engage into a ton of enemies to make yourself invulnerable. Don't be afraid to let your E expire if it keeps you safer. You don't always have to make a big play with revolving sweep.

Good combo opener: D > E >180 degrees > E > Q > W   

Don't forget to weave in autos on some secondary targets as well. Remember to keep your bleeds up. This methodology just changes slightly once you have your level 13.
Fatal Wounds
While at maximum stacks, Blood Rage’s bleed deals 30% more damage to enemy Heroes below 50% Health. Quest: Damage Heroes with Blood Rage’s bleed. Reward: After 200 instances of damage, increase Blood Rage’s duration by 2 seconds.
The damage output and sustain is too good here. You can get this quest done in the first few minutes of the game usually.
Damaging at least 2 Heroes with Blood Rage causes Qhira to Evade the next 4 Basic Attacks within 12 seconds.
All talents in this tier are viable I think. Ensnaring Swing will help you land some big combos with your Ultimate later on if you prefer that.
If Blood Rage damages an enemy Hero below 50% Health, it Heals for an additional 190 Health.
This self sustain is INSANE. You have the potential for so much healing in big team fights if multiple heroes are below 50%!
Unrelenting Strikes
Deal 44 damage to all nearby enemies every 0.5 seconds for 2.5 seconds as your sword grows outward. Upon expiring, deal 160 damage to all nearby enemy Heroes and Stun them for 1.5 seconds.
This is the best Ultimate. Good damage and good CC. Just note that it can be interrupted with stun or silence. Final Strike is a super fun and cool alternative if you are worried about getting interrupted and don't have something like a cleanse or divine shield to ensure that you do not. Final Strike is basically a shorter cooldown Hinterlands Blast. It ain't bad if you are using it on people below 50% and it is always up and available! Final Strike also has an insane level 20 ability reset talent.
The Hunted
Basic Attacking an enemy Hero increases your Basic Attack damage against that Hero by 25%. Stacks up to 4 times and lasts 4 seconds. This bonus is reset if a different Hero is attacked.
This is the highest damage output talent. You start to WRECK with your autos if you stack this up enough. With this talent, everyone becomes squishy -- even some meaty tanks.
Booming Kick
Increase the Stun duration of Revolving Sweep’s reactivation by 0.25 seconds. Enemy Heroes around the primary target are also affected by Revolving Sweep's re-activation.
Longer stun and more heroes affected seems best to me. However, Swing Life away is also an incredible talent! The 50 Spell armor alone that Swing Life away provides makes it a top tier choice depending on enemy team.
No Sanctuary
Nearby enemy Heroes below 50% Health are revealed and you gain 20% Movement Speed while an enemy Hero is revealed by you in this way. Additionally, you deal 20% increased damage to these revealed enemies.
This is a tough talent tier. SO MANY GOOD CHOICES. If you took Unrelenting Strikes, you are probably not too concerned with enemy team stunning or silencing you so the upgraded ult doesn't honestly give a huge benefit. it also depends on the enemy team comp. I would say that NO SANCTUARY provides the best benefit here. Not only are nearby heroes below 50% revealed, but you are sprinting around and dealing 20% increased damage with all of your insane bleeds. This damage is BONKERS! However, if you took Final Strike at 10, definitely go the UNLEASHED POTENTIAL talent here. If you get a reset with Final Strike, and then immediately launch another one into the entire enemy team, that team fight is over. Ability resets OP.
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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