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Created December 6, 2019

Death Incarnate | Relevant to Patch 49.0 -- 12.03.2019

This build was actually made by NotParadox, but I noticed it wasn't here on the website so I thought I may as well post it myself. This build mostly centers around staying in Destroyer form and provides high damage and sustain. In my personal testing, I never even switched to the Worldbreaker form and was able to top the hero damage (and sometimes the siege damage) regularly in each game of QM. This is the kind of build befitting to stomping in Quick Match.

At level 1, Dragon Soul provides a significant heal regarding Deathwing's W, more specifically for Destroyer: Incinerate. This talent will play a very important role as the game goes on, as the heal it provides is very noticeable.

The level 4 talent, Heat Wave, exacerbates Deathwing's overall DPS. It gives him an AOE that surrounds Deathwing that has stacking damage. This damage very rapidly becomes high in a teamfight, or if you are able to stay on top of an enemy hero.

The next talent, Death Drop at level 7, aids in Deathwing's ability to gank heroes, as it increases their spell damage taken. Paired with later talents in this build, the synergy with his overall damage output via his W ability Incinerate, Deathwing will dish out very high damage and becomes a very real threat to enemy heroes.

At level 10, there is Burn Beneath My Shadow, increasing the periodic damage of Cataclysm by a whopping 150%, and the cooldown of it is reset when an enemy Fort or Keep is destroyed. It is worth noting that this talent will perform significantly more on 3-lane maps, but even the higher damage makes it a worthy pick.

The level 13 talent, Fire and Fury, provides a significant buff to Deathwing's basic attacks when hitting Rooted, Slowed, or Stunned enemy heroes. This talent pairs nicely with Deathwing's E ability in Destroyer form, as the bite at the end of the cast provides a slow.

At level 16, Elementium Plating provides another way to reliably sustain yourself in a fight, especially if at low health. It will give Deathwing a shield equal to 35% of his missing health and will heal Deathwing for 2% of his max hp while the shield is active. While this shield is active, Deathwing can heal back an armor plate. 

The final talent of this build, Destroyer's Rampage, gives Deathwing 40% increased damage and 50% increased cooldown reduction on his basic abilities upon landing in Destroyer form. This buff lasts for 6 seconds and is refreshed upon damaging an enemy hero. The duration will instantly end if Deathwing decides to switch to Worldbreaker form. This talent, paired with the rest of the damage-increase abilities in this kit makes for a very frighting Deathwing in a teamfight. Overall, Deathwing's damage will skyrocket while this buff is active, as will his healing. Not only will this buff his damage at a base level, but, paired with the cooldown reduction, will provide even more damage.

Overall, I had a lot of fun with this build. I tested this in multiple Quick Match games and was able to acquire MVP for most of them, topping the hero damage in the game by a significant margin each time. I hope you guys reading this have just as much fun with it as I did! And again, I want to give a huge thanks and credit to NotParadox for this build, as he is the one who made it!
Dragon Soul
Destroyer: Incinerate heals Deathwing for 75% of the damage dealt to enemy Heroes. World Breaker: Lava Burst's explosion damage hals Deathwing for 150% of the damage dealt to enemy Heroes.
Heat Wave
Destroyer: After hitting an enemy Hero with Incinerate, Deathwing deals 14 damage per second to all nearby enemies for the next 8 seconds. Stacks up to 4 times. World Breaker: Increase the explosion damage of Lava Burst by 125%.
Death Drop
Hitting an enemy Hero with Destroyer or World Breaker's landing damage reduces their Spell Armor by 15 for 6 seconds and Deathwing's Basic Ability cooldowns by 2 seconds.
Burn Beneath My Shadow
When an enemy Fort or Keep is destroyed, the cooldown of Cataclysm is reset. Cataclysm's periodic damage is increased by 80%.
Fire and Fury
Basic Attacks against Rooted, Slowed, or Stunned enemy Heroes deal 30% additional damage and reduce the cooldowns of Deathwing's Basic Abilities by 0.5 seconds.
Elementium Plating
Activate to gain a Shield equal to 30% of Deathwing's missing Health for 8 seconds. While the Shield holds, Deathwing regenerates 2% of his maximum Health per second. When the Shield expires or is destroyed, Deathwing regains Armor Plates appropriate to his new Health. The Shield and effect end immediately if Deathwing uses Dragonflight.
Destroyer's Rampage
For the next 6 seconds after landing in Destroyer form, Deathwing's damage is increased by 40% and his Basic Ability cooldowns recharge 50% faster. Damaging Heroes refreshes this effect and switching to World Breaker form removes the effect.
Balance Patch - 11/12/19
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