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Created June 13, 2019

Atlas' Standard Tyrande

Tyrande is by far my favorite healer, and this build has always served me well.
Elune's Chosen
Activate to make Tyrande's Basic Attacks heal the target ally for 175% of the damage dealt. Lasts for 8 seconds.
Elune's is a HoT version of Ancestral Healing assuming that you can consistently auto attack something. Pairing it with Hunter's Mark and auto attacking whatever is marked makes this even more potent.
Lunar Blaze
Increase the range of Lunar Flare by 30%. Quest: Heroes hit by Lunar Flare increase its damage by 5%, up to a maximum of 100%.
This talent turns your stun into a serious damage spell as well. You don't have to wait to complete the quest in order to gain benefits, and it scales really well.
Celestial Attunement
Light of Elune removes Stuns, Silences and Slows from its target. When a Stun or Silence is removed this way, Light of Elune may be used for free within 4 seconds. This free cast cannot benefit from Celestial Attunement.
Here is probably the only flexibility I see in the build. In the event that, for some reason, you are against a comp without any real CC, or with only roots, one of the other two can be chosen. The cleanse is just too good otherwise.
Deal 92 damage per second and Slow enemies by 20% in an area. Lasts 6 seconds.
Starfall is the far better level 10 just because of the CD reduction you get on your heals and the slow. Way better than Shadowstalk in almost every way.
Harsh Moonlight
Sentinel Slows the first target hit by 40% and reduces their damage dealt by 40% for 4 seconds.
Reducing someone's damage on the other team by 40% for 4 seconds is absolutely massive in the middle of a fight. A must-pick.
Reduce Sentinel's cooldown by 3 seconds. The first Hero hit takes an additional 7% of their maximum Health as damage.
Another must-pick here. More vision, more damage, more CD reduction. What is not to love?
Shooting Star
Increase Basic Attack range by 1. Every 8th Basic Attack casts a free Lunar Flare at a random enemy near Tyrande's position. This prefers Heroic targets.
Free lunar flares paired with the level four talent makes Shooting Star absolutely amazing. You can quite literally stun lock someone yourself for your team to blow up. Plus the bonus range allows you to sit safer in the back for those sweet autos.
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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